How to configure FreeNAS 8 as a Virtual Machine

How to configure FreeNAS 8 as a virtual machine on VMWare ServerFreeNAS is a very popular platform for Network Area Storage. The latest release of FreeNAS is FreeNAS version 8, which is quite different from previous releases. There is no direct upgrade path to FreeNAS version 8 from its previous versions, the system requirements also have changed considerably. Before you take the leap to the new version, its a great idea to try installing the new FreeNAS 8 platform in a virtual machine, without risking your current data. In this step by step article we will show you how to install FreeNAS 8 on a virtual machine on a VMWare server. We are just using VMWare server as a Virtual Machine hosting platform, but the configuration steps will be similar for other virtualization platforms such as VirtualBox, Hyper-V etc.

Oracle releases new version of its virtulization software Virtual Box

Oracle releases new version of its Virtualization software called VirtualBoxMany of you already might be knowing about various Virtualization Platforms that exist today, of which Oracle's offering is called VirtualBox. VirtualBox is the free virtualization software introduced by Sun Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. The latest version (4.1.2) was released by Oracle Corporation as an upgrade to the earlier 4.1.0 version which was released in July 2011. The big attraction of this release is the Virtual Machines Cloning support via VirtualBox Manager, now you have the ability cloning operations on your existing VMs using the GUI provided by VirtualBox. Users who already have version 4.1.0 installed can do a simple "upgrade install" over top without the need or uninstalling and reinstalling VirtualBox.

What are the advantages of Virtualization

Advantages if VirtualizationVirtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that lets you create many virtual machines inside of one physical machine which is running on a single operating system. Virtualization technology manages itself with perceived activity and utilization, giving and sharing resources wisely as needed. With particular emphasis on Greener Technologies, reducing the carbon foot print, virtualization has taken the lead in reducing power and space requirements for computers. In this article we will tell you about what are the advantages of virtualization, it might even help you putting a business case or a sales pitch before your supervisor to get going on the virtualization path

Hardware Virtualization Support in Modern CPUs

Hardware Virtualization Support in Modern CPUsAuthor: liza252

To avoid the issues surrounding the non-trappable privileged instructions, CPU manufacturers have added virtualization capabilities to modern CPUs. These CPUs still need to behave exactly like their older counterparts, to ensure backward-compatibility with existing applications, so the behavior of the non-trappable privileged instructions is identical on these newer units. However, a new set of instructions, which were not previously available, provides for a special virtual machine mode of operation. This mode provides extra levels of I/O and memory protection, and allows the special instructions to be detected and handled externally by the CPU in conjunction with a suitably written hyper visor VMM.

Desktop Virtualization (DV) Is Disrupting the Computer Model – Reality or Hype?

Desktop Virtualization disrupting computer modelAuthor: liza252

The buzz about desktop virtualization is mired in plenty of questions, like whether desktop virtualization’s virtues are real or simply hype. Does it truly simplify the issues of desktop management that have been troubling IT managers for over two decades now? Can it live up to the tall promises of savings, flexibility and security? Is it really the ‘next big thing’ in IT? So let’s separate the wheat from the chaff now, shall we?