How to make the default ping reply in Windows Seven to be in IP version four format

How to enable IP V4 as your default ping reply output in Windows SevenIf you are a systems administrator in a Windows 7, Vista and XP mixed environment, or may be just a normal home, SOHO user, you might have noticed that if you ping a Windows 7 machine from a Windows seven machine, you get your ping reply back in IP version 6 (which looks much more cryptic than IP version 4). We are all very use to of getting a normal ping response displayed to us in numeric format, rather than the long cryptic alphanumeric reply. In this article we will show you how you can change your default ping reply in Windows Seven to be IP version 4 and at the end of this article we have a bonus tip which tells you how you can get IP V4 ping replies without changing anything on your machine

Microsoft extends support for Windows XP downgrades for ten more years

Microsoft extends support for Windows XP for another ten yearsIn a surprise announcement, Microsoft announced that it is extending "downgrade rights" for Windows XP til the year 2020. This shows that Windows XP still remains the power house powering the corporate workstations. According to Microsoft, this rock solid operating system still constitutes 75% of the workstations in the industry. By extending downgrading rights, Microsoft is allowing consumers who buy new machines with OEM licenses of Windows Vista or Windows Seven,  to install Windows XP instead, without purchasing a separate license for Windows XP.

Ubuntu launches its own certification

Ubuntu launches its own certificationThe most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu has launched its own IT certification. Canonical Ltd. , the company that actually makes and sponsors the Ubuntu has announced the certification in combination with the Linux Professional Institute, better known as LPI. LPI offers many other certifications as well but this is the first one its doing in combination and support from a Linux Distribution maker. Canonical has taken to endorse the certification in response to industries demand as well as a professional's need.

How to Enable Telnet in Windows 7

How to Enable Telnet Command in Windows SevenWindows 7 does not offer the Telnet command by default. If you want to be able to Telnet to other servers using a Windows Seven machine, you need to enable the Telnet client. This step by step article shows you how to enable the Telnet Client in Windows Seven. You might need administrative access on the machine for enabling this. You also have the option to do a "Run-As" command and run the following procedure as an administrator while logged on as a non-privileged user

Security flaw in bittorrent technology leaves users vulnerable

PirateBay - Bittorrent flaw leaves users vulnerable for detectionIn a previous article we had discussed how Pirate Bay's iPreadtor service had offered a secure VPN service that allowed users to hide their real IP addresses while downloading torrents (You can read the complete iPreadtor article here) . However new reports have indicated that due to a serious flaw in Bittorrent technology, the users who might be using the VPN services, might not be able to stay "hidden" and anonymous anymore. At a Telecomix Cipher conference, it was revealed how it was possible for third parties to find the "Real" IP addresses of connected users, even if they were behind a secure encrypted VPN connection. You can read the full report at the TorrentFreak website at