How to add a homegroup in Windows Seven

How to add a homegroup in Windows SevenHomeGroups is a new feature introduced in Windows Seven, which lets you share libraries, documents, music, videos, printers etc with other computers in your home network securely. You no longer need to email documents etc from one computer to another. In this article we will show you, how you can add a HomeGroup to Windows Seven and what it can do for you. Once created, you will be able to join other Windows Seven machines to this HomeGroup and share Media, Documents and Folders. You will also be able to configure what you want to exclude from being shared such as particular libraries, folders and files

How to identify unknown hardware devices in device manager

How to identify unknown hardware devices in device managerA lot of times when you are installing Windows or installing a new piece of hardware, Windows is not able to provide native driver support for the device and the device shows up as a big question mark in device manager. The easy fix will be to install the appropriate drivers and fix the error, however, to start you need to guess what device it is that you are looking the drivers for, for example, is it a modem, a network card, a video card etc. In this article we will show you step by step, how you can identify these unknown hardware devices often shown in Windows Device Manager with a yellow question mark, without installing any third party software on your machine.

How to upgrade a Drupal Module

How to upgrade a Drupal ModuleIn this article we will show you how you can upgrade a Drupal Module. Drupal as you must be knowing is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) that powers some of the worlds best website. Drupal Modules are often third party extensions (approved by Drupal) that enable extra functionality for the website. In our example we will show you step by step as how you can upgrade the famous Google Analytics module, which lets you track visitors and stats for your website. The process for upgrading a Drupal module is exactly similar to the example we will demonstrate here.

How to track your time spent on projects online and generate invoices

Track your time spent on projects onlineA lot of you are into consulting or freelancing business, doing small projects for various clients. It becomes increasingly important to track your time spent on the projects you are dealing with so you can bill accordingly. In this article we will introduce you to a free online application that will let you do everything automatically online, from tracking the amount of time you spend on your projects to generating invoices for them. You can do all this online and without being on the website all the time, hence you will have access to your work history while you are on the road, traveling to another clients office etc. There are of course third party and paid tools to accomplish the same but  this is a perfect too for a SOHO business or private consultants and freelancers and there is no installation of any software required on your machine.

Cool Technology Video from Microsoft - Microsoft's Vision 2019

Cool Microsoft Video showing company's vision of Technology in year 2019. Believe it or not, it might not be that far, its already 2011. Parts of this video look show a newspaper from the Harry Potter movie, it would be time when paper truly becomes recyclable. When kid in India will be able to interact with others around the world using Hindi seemlessly and be able to understand other languages without needing to know or learn them, when the web would have evolved to 5.0, world would be closer to looking like in Start Trek and more ;-)