Space age inflatable car that can do 300 miles per charge

You think its too good to be true ? It is true, XP motors is launching a car in two years time which is made from space age materials (like the inflatable bags used on Mars Rover), a car that has a mileage range of 2500 miles and can perform up to 300 mpg with a combination of electric, hybrid and gas technology.

My Tracks application for Google Android based phones

My Tracks is an application for Google Android enabled phones such as (t-Mobile's G1) which would let you record the trails you walk on (or create) using GPS. You can then share this data using Google maps, including time, speed, distance, elevation and distance with other hikers and users.

How to check if your ISP is blocking or slowing bittorrent content

It has become public knowledge in recent months that some ISPs (Internet Service Providers - the folks who provide you at home with your internet connection) are blocking or throttling bittorrent traffic. Bittorrent as you might know is a very popular P2P (point to point) file sharing client which lets you download torrent files. But, how can you tell if YOUR ISP is blocking or slowing down this traffic

Create a self destructing email address

So you go to a website for downloading some drivers, obtaining some information etc and you find out that they want you to provide your email address so that they can email something to you.
Like an honest and cowly person, you provide your email address only to come to know that your email address has been sold, shared or provided to 1000's of other parties and now you are getting tons of unsolicited email or SPAM every day.

How to map a FTP drive in Windows

This article shows how you can map a drive from a Windows XP machine to your external FTP server using Windows Explorer, note that this does not provide you with a drive letter.