How to configure Wake On Lan to work behind a router

Wake on Lan (WOL for short or sometimes called RWU for Remote Wake Up) uses UDP port 9.

If you are behind a router and want to allow Wake On Lan packets to go through, make sure you forward UDP port 9 to the broadcast address, this is because a computer does not get an IP address until its booted up, and the magic packet needs to be sent to all the computers in the subnet (hence the broadcast). When the WOL packet is sent, it contains the MAC address of the machine you want to wake, so only that machine would respond to the broadcast and wake up.

Drivers for unknown devices in Windows Device Manager

If you are a computer techie like me, you must at some point come across the dreaded yellow exclamation mark icon in Windows XP device manager, usually indicating that there is a device that isn't working properly. It can be worst if it says "UNKNOWN DEVICE". This article details some steps on how to hunt this device down.

Samsung and Texas Instruments Launch First Cellphones with projectors

Samsung and Texas Instruments today announced the first mobile phones with embedded projection units based on Nano Chip Technology

The phones are currently going to be available only in Korea and Europe.  According to them, it would truly provide a "big picture" viewing experience with projection images uptop 50 inches in size. A photo of the phone along with the projection lens can be seen here

Microsoft finally allows POP3 support for Hotmail

According to Ars Technica - A leading Technology website, Microsoft is finally allowing POP3 support for its web based email service Hotmail. This would allow users to connect to Hotmail from their desktop based email clients such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mozilla etc to connect and download mail directly from Hotmail.

Apparently, to start with this feature has been allowed only for 9 countries so far, which include UK, Canada, USA, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Italy and Holland. A worldwide release of this feature is expected to come later this year.

Scan documents without a scanner

Too good to be true ? Yes you for sure can scan documents without a scanner, you can scan them to PDF, JPF or Tiff formats! A software called Snapter ICE would let you do this.