US and Russian satellites collide in orbit

MSNBC News service has just reported an incident where a US and Russian Satellite have collide in orbit in space. This has been reported as the first ever crash of two intact orbiting satellites in space. The collision caused large debries to scatter and a debrie cloud to form, this could post a slight risk to the International Space Station

Apple to launch $99 iPhone

According to an article published at, Apple might be gearing up for launching a new iPhone priced under $99. This could mean its iPhone sales could go up from 25% to 69% and its world share of SmartPhones go up from 12% to 14%.

How to configure and install FileZilla FTP server

The following article explains how to install the FileZilla FTP server on a Windows machine (XP, VIsta, 2000 or server 2003) so that it can run as a service. You can configure various other options such as quotas and upload / download limits, this article just shows you the bare minimum required for a corporate or home environment.

Google developing a tool called PowerMeter to provide consumers with smart usage details

Google has announced plans to work on a tool called Google PowerMeter.  This tool would provide consumers a much detailed picture of their utilities (electricity) bill right on their computer or Ipod. Currently, consumers recieve a flat bill which does not provide any break downs on how much energy is each appliance consuming in the household, or for example, how much energy would they save if they lowered the Air Conditioning or Heating Thermostat by two degrees.

According to Google, "The tool (Google PowerMeter) which will show consumers their electricity consumption in near real-time in a secure iGoogle Gadget. We think PowerMeter will offer more useful and actionable feedback than complicated monthly paper bills that provide little detail on consumption or how to save energy."

What is Open DNS

Open DNS (called OpenDNS) is a FREE alternative to the DNS (Domain Name Service) provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Internet Connection Provider.

DNS as you all know is an essential part of the Internet and WWW, it does the job of translating Names to numeric IP address and vice versa.

Why then would you want to use OpenDNS rather than the DNS servers provided by your ISP ? The reason is that it provides wealth of other features which normal DNS providers dont. Some of them are: