Microsoft launches the fix it button automated solutions

Microsoft has just launched whats called the "Fix it button" on its support web site also known as the Microsoft Knowledge base located at . The Microsoft Fix it solution website itself can be found at

On selected Knowledge base articles too where it describes some common PC problems with windows, when you click on the Fix It button, it would download a small piece of code which when executed performs a series of steps to cure the problem.

What does the Passive setting in FTP mean

If you are setting up an FTP server, you would have come accross the setting which says "Allow Passive FTP" or "Passive Mode". This short article explains what Passive FTP means.

In the good old days, FTP needed only two seperate connections, one from the client machine and the other from the FTP server. As networks evolved and machines got behind firewalls and started using NAT, the FTP server could not connect back to originating client machine unless it was specified in the NAT table / rules that it was the destination for FTP client.

How to merge pdf documents for free

Typically if you wanted to merge different PDF documents together, you would need to have the Adobe PDF writer software, which costs above US$ 350.

Fortunately now there is a free and convinient way of merging PDF documents and making one PDF document out of it. You can do this online at

There are a few limitiations which are listed below:

How to send a clickable link to a file in Outlook

Sometimes you want to send users a clickable link to a folder or file on your network rather than sending them the whole document as an attachment or just the path as text eg; N:\Common\test.doc (where N: is a network drive)

How to upgrade disk firmware on a NetApp Filer

The following procedure describes how to upgrade the disk firmware on a NetApp Filer running Data OnTap version 7.2

 The first step before upgrading the firmware is to check if the correct disk qualification packages are present on the filer. This determined by checking the datecode on the qual_devices_v3 file. Do the following to check the datecode