How to upgrade disk shelf firmware on a NetApp Filer

This article provides step by step instructions on how to upgrade the Shelf Firmware on a NetApp Filer running Data OnTap version 7.2.  The Filer has four storage shelves which need their firmware to be upgraded.

How to power a pair of clustered filers off and on

The following procedure describes how to power a pair of clustered filers on and off. In this example we would assume that there are two filers, filer1 and filer2 in a clustered configuration.

How to setup time synch on clustered NetApp Filers

Lets assume you have two clustered filers named filer1 and filer2 and you want to setup a time sync on them so that they sync to an external time server. The following procedure details how to do this and in this example we are using time servers and

Step by Step - Installing Mollom Module on a Drupal Site

This is a step by step article that explains how to install and configure the Mollom Module on your Drupal web site.

- Go to Drupal's Mollom Project page to download the Mollom Module at

- Extract the Module on your local drive first (for example to C:\Temp\mollom-5.x-1.6\mollom)

- Go to Mollom's website , if you do not have an account, create one (its free). If you already have an account, log on to it.

How to apply a patch to a drupal Module from Windows

I recently had to patch my Mollom Module that I have got installed on a Drupal installation. I just wanted to share with other folks as to how you can do this, especially from a Windows machine when you do not have access to a Linux or Unix command prompt to make changes or you do not have access to the patch utility.