About Us

IndiaWebSearch.com was pioneered and launched by Anup Sharma in early 2000 and later joined forces with Junhai Yaduvanshi. Intially, IndiaWebSearch.com (IWS) was a sandbox for testing various application, providing ease of addressing using a DNS system, various mail applications etc were also tested on this domain. Certainly, it was the first domain name ever purchased by Anup Sharma, and a lot of family and work related projects were done on through this site, one of the most significant feet was when Girija Bhatnagar's NaamKaran Sanskar was relayed live via this website to viewers around the world, including India, UK, Canada and the US. In 2008, it was decided that IWS would now be given a public face. Ever since August of 2008 we have been busy developing and mulling over ideas on how to present this site to the rest of the world. Please stay tuned, and provide us with your feedback on how we can make this site better. Thank You for your interest in IndiaWebSearch.com ! IndiaWebSearch Team