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How to congfigure your PC to use Googles DNS system

Goolge LogoGoogle has just launched its free DNS called Google Public DNS, which is a faster way to resolve DNS queries using its DNS servers . It uses the DNS cache on Google's DNS servers to resolve queies faster and in turn, takes you faster to the web page you requested.  DNS stands for Domain Name System and basically translates numeric IP addresses of servers that host web content into words. In addition to the fact that it can resolve DNS queries faster, Google's DNS also has security safeguards built in that prevent spoofing attacks. Spoofing attaks are when you think a website belongs to let's say a Bank but it does not really, the web page shown looks like exactly of that your Banks website but it is another website altogether, put in place for malicious purposes. In this article we will show you, in easy steps as how you can configure your Windows computer to use Google's DNS instead of the one provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How to hide data secretly inside picture files using Steganography

You can hide data secretly inside picture files like jpg, png and gif. These files appear totally normal to the naked eye, when you double click on them, they open like the normal picture files would and you can see the pictures, however you can secretly embed other files within one picture file with a technique known as Steganography. There are already ready made tools available for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Macs) that make this possible.