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A collection of various knowledgebase articles dealing with Microsoft Windows

Scan documents without a scanner

Too good to be true ? Yes you for sure can scan documents without a scanner, you can scan them to PDF, JPF or Tiff formats! A software called Snapter ICE would let you do this.

How to configure and install FileZilla FTP server

The following article explains how to install the FileZilla FTP server on a Windows machine (XP, VIsta, 2000 or server 2003) so that it can run as a service. You can configure various other options such as quotas and upload / download limits, this article just shows you the bare minimum required for a corporate or home environment.

Microsoft launches the fix it button automated solutions

Microsoft has just launched whats called the "Fix it button" on its support web site also known as the Microsoft Knowledge base located at . The Microsoft Fix it solution website itself can be found at

On selected Knowledge base articles too where it describes some common PC problems with windows, when you click on the Fix It button, it would download a small piece of code which when executed performs a series of steps to cure the problem.

How to send a clickable link to a file in Outlook

Sometimes you want to send users a clickable link to a folder or file on your network rather than sending them the whole document as an attachment or just the path as text eg; N:\Common\test.doc (where N: is a network drive)

What is Windows Ready Boost or Speed Boost

Windows Vista has introduced a new feature where you can use your USB Flash Drive to speed up the performance of your Windows Vista operating system.

How does this work ? Well, basically Windows uses this drive as a scratch disk, and instead of paging data from the hard drive it writes and reads it from the faster thumb drive. This is particularly useful if you have an older computer system which does not have any more RAM expansion slots and are maxed out on the system RAM.