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A collection of various knowledgebase articles dealing with Microsoft Windows

Open Source Software for Windows

Open Source Software For Windows, a free alternative to costly windows softwareHave you ever wanted to do something in Windows and found out that the software required to do it costs a fortune or maybe is not up to the mark ? Now you can have Open Source software to do a variety of things in Windows. Open Source software is free of cost for personal and commercial usage. The OSSWIN website has a great listing of a lot of good Open Source Software available for Windows. The list is quiet big, most of the software thats listed is critically acclaimed and rivals its paid alternative for Windows. I have also listed some of my personal favorites in here, including the ones I have had a chance to install and use myself.

How to read event logs of an unbootable machine

How to read event logs of an unbootable machineSo you have a Windows machine which is unbootable. Every time you try and boot it up, it blue screens. You try safe mode and last known good techniques but fail. At this time, it becomes critical that you be able to look at Windows event logs to determine what is causing that error to happen. But, how do you read the event logs of a machine that is not even booting up ? In this article, we will show you a very simple technique, by which you will be able to access and read the event logs from a machine that is not booting up, this comes in as a very handy thing if you are a systems administrator or just trying to troubleshoot a Windows problem.

How to selectively delete roaming profiles on remote machines

How to selectively delete roaming profiles on remote machinesIf you are a Windows Systems Administrator working in a Windows Active Directory environment and use roaming profiles, this article is for you. In this article we will show you how to delete roaming profiles on remote machines selectively (meaning only roaming profiles you choose and not the others). Microsoft has a free resource kit utility called delprof, which allows to delete cached roaming profiles on remote machines, it even lets you choose the deletion criteria based on the period since the roaming profile has not been used on that machine. However, delprof has a serious limitation, it does not let you choose an individual roaming profile or a list of roaming profile to be deleted. We will show you how to overcome this limitation.

How to download a free trial version of Windows Seven

How to Download a free trial and evaluation version of Windows SevenIn this article we will show you step by step, how to download a trial (evaluation) version of Windows Seven Enterprise. You can download a 90 day free trial version of Windows Seven Enterprise from Microsoft's Technet site, if you are an IT professional and want to try out Windows Seven. The minimum system requirements for Windows Seven Enterprise are no different than Windows Seven Professional or Ultimate. After 90 days of use, you are expected to buy a working version of Windows (see my note towards the end of this article for some caveats). This download is available only for a limited period till March 31st, 2010 so hurry up and download if you are willing to try out Windows Seven

How to setup Windows Seven, step by step tutorial

Windows Seven setup step by step tutorialWindows Seven has been around since a few months now. If you are thinking to make a move from your current version of Windows to Windows Seven, this article might be of help. This article shows a step by step method to installing Windows Seven. Our setup involves setting up Windows Seven Professional, however the procedure is essentially the same for any version of Windows Seven. Before you upgrade, we do recommend you check your existing hardware for compatibility using Microsoft's wizard located at . This wizard helps you determine if you meet the minimum system requirements for Windows Seven and also checks if your software applications and other hardware will be compatible with Windows Seven.