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Cool Sites - Process Library - Provides information about any process on your computer

Process Library lets you find information about any process running on your machineKeeping up with bringing you a cool website every Friday, today we present to you. How many times have you looked on to your Task Manager to troubleshoot your PC performance and found a process running on there that you had no clue about ? I think I have stumbled across such processes lots of time. Some of those processes are legit processes and killing the process via task manager can bring you unwanted results. However, sometimes those could be processes related spyware or malware or a hung application that might be eating away all the CPU and RAM on your machine. is an online database of 140,000 processes and 50,000 DLLs which you can search. To find out what a particular process on your computer is about, you can do this in three quick step as follows

Cool sites - Write Something - A Collaborative Online Book by thousands of users like you

Cool websites - Write Something A Collaborative Online Book by thousands of users like youKeeping up with the tradition of introducing a fun and exciting website as part of our Friday Fun Series, we introduce you today to the "Write Something" website. Write Something is an online site where you can write your mind out, whatever is on your mind! People will react to it, maybe.. or they might simply put in whats on their mind. The website acts like a Collaborative book, which is authored from thousands of users like me and you. Don't worry, there is no registration required, there are no hidden fees or catches. All you have to do is visit there and write what's on your mind, yes even anonymously! Believe it or not, this online collaborative collection of people's short comments has grown up to be a whopping 11,000 pages, if you ever commented on this website, you can always scroll back and see your comment.

How to find your lost phone

How to find your lost phoneYou just finished watching a movie at home and you are sleepy, you are expecting an important phone call early morning but suddenly you realize that you have lost your phone at home, you don't know where is your cellphone or handset! In the past we have showed you some cool phone phreaking tricks, such as how to spoofyour caller id when you call someone. In another cool trick and part of our Friday fun, we introduce you to another cool and helpful trick, which helps you locate your phone using the internet. This one can definitely come in handy one day.

Check the availability of your desired username on all social networking sites

Check your desired username availabilty on over 300 social networking sitesHave you ever gotten frustrated when you wanted to open a new account at one of the popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Stumble Upon, Technorati, Reddit, Mixx etc, only to find out that its already in use. If you own a business or have a web presence of your own, you know well how important it is these days to have your business branding present on these social networking sites. Now you can avoid the frustration and check for your desired username to be available on more than 300 social networking sites, all at the same time with just a click of a button.