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Fun articles

The App for iPhone which can turn dressed up people into undressed ones

iPhone Nude App that turns dressed up people into NudesAnd you thought you were afraid of the full body scanners at the Airport Security, wait till you see the iPhone NudeIt App which can undress a dressed person in no time!. iPhone App developers are getting more creative everyday and now there is an App for iPhone which can turn anyone who is fully dressed into semi dressed or completely undressed! That's right, you heard right, the folks at have come up with an unbelievable technology, which can take a picture or video of a person fully dressed and through its augmented reality algorithm turn the person without clothes. The photo and video effects are completely realistic and in real time

How to add subtitles to any movie website screen shotIf you are a home theater enthusiast and you watch movies on your PC or Home Theater PC, you must have come across a need to have subtitles for a movie that did not come with those. In this article we will show you a quick step by step guide on how to get the subs and work them with your movie.

When to go pee during a movie

Sorry if the title got you offended, but that's exactly what it intended to say, no offense to anyone. Has it never happened to you that you are amidst watching a movie in the theater, drinking away that big large soft drink you ordered with popcorn, and suddenly you feel an urge to pee. You don't want to miss out on the movie, but how long do you think you can hold ? Now there is a solution, and no lets not think dirty or indecent..

Self destructing USB drive

USB drives have become second nature to computer users these days. They bring convenience and portability to the computer world and the end users. The smaller size and design and their being able to work without any additional accessories makes them even more attractive. However, with all the ease comes the danger of them being lost or stolen. Sensitive financial, personal or corporate data can be at serious risk if the USB drive is lost or stolen. There are alternatives to securing your data such as using a third party encryption program to encrypt data, but for a Joe user, they are hard and cumbersome to install and learn.

How to use WordPad to browse the web

Have you ever happen on a Windows machine where you do not have access to the web browser? Sometimes you do have access to the web browser but something is wrong with the browser, it perhaps keeps crashing on you and you do not have an alternate browser like FireFox available to you? In these circumstances, if you are not an administrator on the machine, the chances to fix the existing browser or make one available right away are slim. In this step by step article we would show you how to use the WordPad application (which is included with the default installation of Windows)