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Fun articles

A car that turns into an airplane and can seriously fly

A little off topic today, just some Friday fun, seriously now there is a car that can convert into an airplane and can fly. Literally, you can drive the car to the Airport, convert it into an Airplane automatically, take off, fly, land, convert it back to a car, drive home and park it in your garage. It is called a Terrafugia Transition.

How to watch movies and TV on Hulu from outside the USA

As you might be knowing Hulu ( is a popular online service that legally streams TV Shows, movies and other video content from big media houses like NBC, Fox, Bravo, CNet, Time etc, and uses commercials to support itself. The selection is really amazing and you can always keep up with your favorite sitcoms or shows, you do not need registration either just to view content. 

Use Google to find showtimes for movies, your local weather and much more

You can use Google to find out the theatre show times for movies released recently in your area, there are other cool Google tricks mentioned in this article as well, try them out and have fun!