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Miscellaneous articles on Technology and other topics

Importance of Virtual Private Server

Importance of Virtual Private ServerAuthor: Renee Williams

Net hosting company is another phrase that can be utilised for digital personal server. Towards the usage of a person client a virtual machine is developed that is called VPS. It has a privateness of the separate personal computer and also has the configuration of the server laptop or computer although its functioning is equivalent to separate laptop or computer.

What is the difference between IDE and AHCI

What is the difference between IDE and AHCIRecently we got some new machines at work which were very not too different in their hardware configuration from what we already have. The only difference was a setting in the BIOS about SATA emulation being set to either AHCI or IDE (the default was AHCI). It turned out that our computer image blue screened on the new machines unless we changed the BIOS setting to IDE emulation for SATA. The fix was quick and easy, but this did bring up the question What is the difference between IDE and AHCI emulations on a SATA drive and if there was an advantage or disadvantage of choosing one over the other.

What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

There is a new standard in the USB world called USB 3.0, in this article we will discuss the difference between USB 2,0 and USB 3.0. Universal Serial Bus or USB, as you all know is the most popular connection standard between devices and a host controller (usually located on a computer). USB has undergone many revisions and the latest USB hardware spec to come out is version 3.0, after version 1 and 2. Everything from your flash drives, mice, keyboard, PDAs, Game Consoles, GPS chargers, cell phone connectors and chargers,  GPS devices and bluetooth head sets all use USB in one form or the other. So lets see whats the differences between the most popular USB 2 and just out USB 3 standard are

How to run Google's Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine on VMWare server

You must have all heard the buzz about Google launching its own operating system called Chrome OS or Chromium OS.  Well now you can try out Chromium OS as a virtual machine on a VMWare Server, virtualization of course has its benefits because with virtualization you don't need to format your machine, configure dual boot etc, you just play the virtual machine virtualized within your current operating system.  You might find other articles where you can download a pre configured virtualized vmware image and play it in a vmware player, however this step by step article tells you how to do the virtualization on a vmware server, completely free!


Google changes its homepage design

Google has finally changed its home page design today. When you go to or , you do not get to see all the links that Google use to offer on its home page. As part of a better web page design, the Google search home page does not show all the links until you move your mouse. When you move your mouse, the links appear on top of the search box.