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Computer and other Security Related Articles

How to install and configure the free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software

Microsoft Security Essentials Free Anti Virus and Anti Spyware SoftwareOne of the most important pieces of software that needs to go on your computer is your anti virus and anti spyware software. There are a lot to choose from, each claiming superiority over the other. In this article we will walk you through on installing the free anti virus and anti spyware from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a one stop PC protection against spyware and viruses and have gotten the best reviews recently and is very user friendly and very small on computer resources such as RAM and CPU consumption. Lets get started!

Computer Forensics tests reveal USB thumb drives with hardware encryption are not secure

Todays news article on computer forensics is about hacking encrypted USB thumb drives. The encryption being talked about is AES 256 hardware encryption, which til date use to be considered a very reputable and safe standard in the world of digital and computer forensics. You must have seen online advertisements about the most secure hardware based AES 256 bit encrypted USB thumb drives from popular brand names such as Kingston and SanDisk, these are the ones that have been found to be completely vulnerable by a computer forensic company based off Germany called SySS. Their tests show a major design vulnerability that can decrypt the present information on the thumb drive.

Top hackers gather to compete in a hacking competition called NetWars

Top computer hackers from around the world, gathered in a competition called NetWars to show their skills in penetrating computer systems and defending them. The competition is hosted by the SANS institute. SANS is one of the largest institutes for information security training in the World and is also famous for maintaining the Internets "early warning system" called the "Internet Storm Center". NetWars is a key competition in the United States Cyber Challenge. It is based on the principle of Cyber Security Talent search, the equivalent of American Idol, just in the computer security field. Hosted in a form of a game, hackers can legally compete online from anywhere on the internet, they can be penetrating computer system security or defending them or a combination of the two.

How to track down your stolen laptop using a free utility

As our computing needs become increasingly mobile, we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices such as Laptops, PDAs and Smart-phones. Often times, we get so much use to our digital device and depend so much on it, that the thought of it being stolen  sends shivers and if such a theft does happen, it renders our daily ability to perform properly useless. This article discusses "The Prey Project" which essentially is a free open source based project, providing a free application that  can be remotely activated and sends in information including a stealth web cam capture of the user, the IP address and quite possibly the network and the location of your laptop. Its basically a tool that lets you track down your stolen laptop

How a hacker can listen to all your Skype conversations

VOIP applications are getting really popular these days, making communications easier and more affordable. One such application is Skype. Skype provides "free calls" functionality between Skype users as well as Computer to telephone services for a nominal charge.What if we told you that I have the ability to record and listen to all your Skype conversations without you having any knowledge about it ? Its true and quite possible. With an advent of a new kind of virus, its possible to record your calls, save them as an mp3 file format and transfer them to a remote hacker. The vulnerability was discovered just two days back and now a proof of concept is freely available on the internet for anyone to exploit.