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Computer and other Security Related Articles

Check a website for malware before visiting it using Google Advisory

Have you ever been in a dilema about a website, not sure if its safe to visit or not ? Some link that got sent to you in a suspicious looking email, maybe friends playing a prank on you ? How can you tell if a website is safe to visit or not before visiting it ? How can you be sure the website is not spewing spyware or will infect your machine with a trojan or some other malware ? Of course your anti-virus or anti-spyware might be able to deal with the infection, but it would be prudent to check the website before hand..How ? using Google's advisory!

Logon to any password protected Windows machine without knowing the password

Today we will show you proof of concept on how you can log on to any password protected Windows machine, without knowing the password at all. I am sure you have heard of utilities which will "reset" or "recover the Windows login password for you, but this is way cooler than that, this utility will not write or reset anything to the hard drive. After you are done, on the next reboot the machine will retain its original password. There is no "reset" or lengthy recovery involved. The 5 step process is so easy that after you have seen this, you will be shaking your head

How to connect to your workplace safely using Vista VPN connection

The VPN as most of you might be knowing stands for a Virtual Private Network. It ha gained immense popularity today as it has become a secure way of connecting to a network. Folks who telecommute or work from home must have this. Our article today, discusses how you can configure your Windows Vista machine to connect to a Microsoft based PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling protocol) VPN. The step by step article with screen captures will walk you through in connecting to your work network using the secure VPN

Microsoft puts out record number of updates in one day

If you are a Windows user, you must already be aware of "Patch Tuesday". Thats right, its the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases cumulative updates for different products including operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Servers OSes) and software products such as Internet Explorer and other stand alone software. Well, today Microsoft has released a record 31 updates for different products ranging from the operating system, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office based products

Defeat internet censorship by using UltraSurf

If you are browsing this article from a country like US and Canada, you are extremely lucky, since these countries do not censor internet traffic. Censorship takes away the freedom to post to blogs, to visit websites with information that might be deemed dangerous to "national security". This article discusses a great free product that lets you surf with avoiding this kind of heavy internet censorship. We will show a step by step install and usage tutorial and you can be up and running in less that five minutes.