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Computer and other Security Related Articles

Self destructing USB drive

USB drives have become second nature to computer users these days. They bring convenience and portability to the computer world and the end users. The smaller size and design and their being able to work without any additional accessories makes them even more attractive. However, with all the ease comes the danger of them being lost or stolen. Sensitive financial, personal or corporate data can be at serious risk if the USB drive is lost or stolen. There are alternatives to securing your data such as using a third party encryption program to encrypt data, but for a Joe user, they are hard and cumbersome to install and learn.

Anti US hackers infiltrate Army Servers

According to a News Report published in Information Week a known "computer hacking clan" (going by the name m0sted) was able to break into at least two sensitive web servers maintained by the US Army. Department of Defense is investigating this breach and has not disclosed this to the general public yet. End users trying to access the web servers were redirected to a web page that featured information about climate change.

Computer virus strikes US Marshals and FBI

A computer virus has seemed to have effected the US Marshals and the FBI according to a report published by the Associated Press. The report states that the law enforcement computers were struck by a mystery virus Thursday, May the 22nd, forcing the US Marshals and FBI to shut down a part of their network.

Run applications with administrative credentials being a non privileged user

Every once in a while you come across a nasty application which is required in the line of business work, but it would not run without the user being an administrator. There could be various reasons why such an application might demand to be run with administrative privileges, for example, an old DOS based application not being compatible with the installed operating system or simply the fact that it might be writing to folder and registry locations on the workstation or the network, where the user simply does not have access permissions to.

Retrieve any alphanumeric windows logon password quickly

Sometimes even administrators forget the passwords to their account or sometimes you have "service accounts' configured which use a certain password. If you are deploying a new machine or a server and need this password but you don't have it, you are still not dead in the water. In this article we would show how you can use the free utility called Ophcrack to retrieve Windows passwords. It can crack up to 14 character alphanumeric passwords under 10 minutes. It is a great tool for computer security professionals who would like to audit security settings or perform penetration testing