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Computer and other Security Related Articles

What is Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows Server 2003

The Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows prohibits network access to a private network unless the machine connecting to the network is validated against certain preset conditions. These conditions are checked by an administrator approved script, this is typically enforced by Internet Authentication Service (IAS) and / or Remote Access Servers (RAS)

Indian Prime Minister's computer infected with a virus for three months

In the world of computers every one is prone to viruses, however the Indian Prime Minister's machine was infected with a virus for three months and no one knew about it. When his emails started going missing from Microsoft Outlook Express, they grew suspicious and investigations revealed the virus.

How to hide data secretly inside picture files using Steganography

You can hide data secretly inside picture files like jpg, png and gif. These files appear totally normal to the naked eye, when you double click on them, they open like the normal picture files would and you can see the pictures, however you can secretly embed other files within one picture file with a technique known as Steganography. There are already ready made tools available for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Macs) that make this possible.

What is OpenID and How does it work

OpenID is a way of using a common username across multiple sites for authentication. It has obvious benefits such as eliminating the needs of remembering different usernames and less headaches for companies to administer their usernames and passwords. It takes advantage of the fact that users have already created identies for themselvs in forms of their blogs, online profiles, memberships to social networking sites etc.

Microsoft announces free custom security solution codenamed Morro

Microsoft has announced today that it would make available a free security solution to combat Malware, Trojan's and Viruses in the second half of 2009.

This streamlined solution is code-named Morro. With this announcement, Microsoft has also announced that it would discontinue its Live OneCare subscription service effective June 30, 2009. If you remember Live OneCare is the Microsoft's paid subscription service for antivirus, firewall and antispyware.