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Oracle releases new version of its virtulization software Virtual Box

Oracle releases new version of its Virtualization software called VirtualBoxMany of you already might be knowing about various Virtualization Platforms that exist today, of which Oracle's offering is called VirtualBox. VirtualBox is the free virtualization software introduced by Sun Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. The latest version (4.1.2) was released by Oracle Corporation as an upgrade to the earlier 4.1.0 version which was released in July 2011. The big attraction of this release is the Virtual Machines Cloning support via VirtualBox Manager, now you have the ability cloning operations on your existing VMs using the GUI provided by VirtualBox. Users who already have version 4.1.0 installed can do a simple "upgrade install" over top without the need or uninstalling and reinstalling VirtualBox.

Importance of Virtual Private Server

Importance of Virtual Private ServerAuthor: Renee Williams

Net hosting company is another phrase that can be utilised for digital personal server. Towards the usage of a person client a virtual machine is developed that is called VPS. It has a privateness of the separate personal computer and also has the configuration of the server laptop or computer although its functioning is equivalent to separate laptop or computer.

The biggest floppy disk ever

The Biggest Floppy Disk EverRecently working away, I came across something I had never seen in my life before! The Biggest Floppy drive ever! I did not even know if such a thing even existed. During my life time with computers, the most I have ever come across is a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk, which have long been extinct. The biggest Floppy Disk that I came across the other day, is a predecessor of even the 5 1/4 inch disk, its an 8 inch disk and holds 79 Kilobytes of data.

How long before we run out of IP addresses

How long before the IP V4 Internet Addresses run outIn a recent report published at, it was predicted that we will reach IP address exhaustion for IP addresses in version 4 format by next year (2011). The announcement came from Chief of ARIN (American Registry for Internet  Numbers - An organization responsible for distribution of Internet Addresses in North America). A massive growth in distributed computing architecture and exponential growth in volume of data due to social networking sites is a prime reason why we are reaching towards the 4 Billion IP addresses limit provided by the IP Version 4 format.

Microsoft extends support for Windows XP downgrades for ten more years

Microsoft extends support for Windows XP for another ten yearsIn a surprise announcement, Microsoft announced that it is extending "downgrade rights" for Windows XP til the year 2020. This shows that Windows XP still remains the power house powering the corporate workstations. According to Microsoft, this rock solid operating system still constitutes 75% of the workstations in the industry. By extending downgrading rights, Microsoft is allowing consumers who buy new machines with OEM licenses of Windows Vista or Windows Seven,  to install Windows XP instead, without purchasing a separate license for Windows XP.