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Various Articles relating to Web Design and Development

How to ping various search engines to re-index your website or blog

How to ping multiple search engines for re indexing your blogIf you write a blog and want to get its posts through to a good audience, you need to make sure that your Blog is well indexed with search engines. In this quick tip, we will quickly show you how you can PING various search engines, all at once to let them know that your blog has updated. Once you PING the search engines, they will come and crawl your blog, website or article to make sure its indexed. PINGING search engines is useful to send an"out of band" update to the search engines. Search Engines have a crawl frequency set for your website or blog, if you update content before their scheduled crawl day, you can PING them to tell that you have updated content that needs to be inexed.

Google changes its homepage design

Google has finally changed its home page design today. When you go to google.com or google.ca , you do not get to see all the links that Google use to offer on its home page. As part of a better web page design, the Google search home page does not show all the links until you move your mouse. When you move your mouse, the links appear on top of the search box.

Feng-Gui is Feng-Shui for websites and images

I am sure you all have heard of Feng-Shui, the art of system of aesthetics believed to utilize astronomical and geographical laws to help one improve life by receiving positive qi or energy. It is very widely popular now days in design and architecture of new homes and building complexes. Feng-Gui is a very scientific art which deals the same way with website and image design. It takes a website or an image and generates what’s called "heat maps" based on a 5 second visualization of the object by the human brain. These heat maps are critical in your website design and content as this is where most visitors would focus 

How to check previous versions of a website on the internet

If you are involved with web design, you probably have had the need to go back and check how the website looked a few revisions back. In most cases, you would have to dig up some archived files on the network, but if your website served dynamic content, such as ASP, PHP or ColdFusion pages, you would have to jump through the hoops on creating a new test site in Apache or IIS and then loading the files, maybe even creating new DNS entry etc. What if you could look your website back in time, without having to do all of this? What’s even better..? You can do it on the Internet from anywhere.

Check your browser compatibility in 70 browsers for free

Are you a web developer or do you own a blog? Have you always wanted to know how your site or web page looks like in other browsers other than what you have on your machine? Browser compatibility is crucial to target and reach the biggest possible user base on the internet, since not all browsers conform to same standards, your website my look different on different browser (for example from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Opera) or even a lower version of the same browser.