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Articles related to Drupal Content Management System and the Web

How to backup and restore a Drupal Website

If you are not familiar with Drupal, its one of the best Content Management Systems around. Its rock solid performance keeps even the biggest and most complex websites running without a problem. It makes amazingly simple to create and update websites, both start ups and complex. Most web hosting services like Go Daddy now offer Drupal as a preferred CMS (Content Management System) solution. This article explains how to backup and restore an existing Drupal website.

What is Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is new blog writing software from Microsoft that integrates with its other Windows Live Spaces series of applications. The writer can be used to publish and post blog posts directly to your Windows Live blog or your corporate SharePoint blog. It has integration possibilities with other third party blog sites such as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad.

How to apply a patch to a drupal Module from Windows

I recently had to patch my Mollom Module that I have got installed on a Drupal installation. I just wanted to share with other folks as to how you can do this, especially from a Windows machine when you do not have access to a Linux or Unix command prompt to make changes or you do not have access to the patch utility.