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Articles related to Computer and other Hardware

Hardware Virtualization Support in Modern CPUs

Hardware Virtualization Support in Modern CPUsAuthor: liza252

To avoid the issues surrounding the non-trappable privileged instructions, CPU manufacturers have added virtualization capabilities to modern CPUs. These CPUs still need to behave exactly like their older counterparts, to ensure backward-compatibility with existing applications, so the behavior of the non-trappable privileged instructions is identical on these newer units. However, a new set of instructions, which were not previously available, provides for a special virtual machine mode of operation. This mode provides extra levels of I/O and memory protection, and allows the special instructions to be detected and handled externally by the CPU in conjunction with a suitably written hyper visor VMM.

How to use Google Hacks to control and view cameras on the internet

How to control network cameras using Google HacksGoogle hacks according to Google are compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search and map services. There are many uses of Google hacks and there are several Google Hacks available. Today we will go through on how you can use Google Hacks to look at and control some of the cameras accessible through the internet. Often you can find good quality feeds from cameras that are left open purposely for viewers on the internet and sometimes you will stumble upon a few that are not meant for "public viewing". Administrators can learn a lot from using Google hacks and making their feeds secure.

The biggest floppy disk ever

The Biggest Floppy Disk EverRecently working away, I came across something I had never seen in my life before! The Biggest Floppy drive ever! I did not even know if such a thing even existed. During my life time with computers, the most I have ever come across is a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk, which have long been extinct. The biggest Floppy Disk that I came across the other day, is a predecessor of even the 5 1/4 inch disk, its an 8 inch disk and holds 79 Kilobytes of data.

How to read event logs of an unbootable machine

How to read event logs of an unbootable machineSo you have a Windows machine which is unbootable. Every time you try and boot it up, it blue screens. You try safe mode and last known good techniques but fail. At this time, it becomes critical that you be able to look at Windows event logs to determine what is causing that error to happen. But, how do you read the event logs of a machine that is not even booting up ? In this article, we will show you a very simple technique, by which you will be able to access and read the event logs from a machine that is not booting up, this comes in as a very handy thing if you are a systems administrator or just trying to troubleshoot a Windows problem.

What is the difference between IDE and AHCI

What is the difference between IDE and AHCIRecently we got some new machines at work which were very not too different in their hardware configuration from what we already have. The only difference was a setting in the BIOS about SATA emulation being set to either AHCI or IDE (the default was AHCI). It turned out that our computer image blue screened on the new machines unless we changed the BIOS setting to IDE emulation for SATA. The fix was quick and easy, but this did bring up the question What is the difference between IDE and AHCI emulations on a SATA drive and if there was an advantage or disadvantage of choosing one over the other.