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How To Articles

How to obtain information for a remote help session

How to obtain support details to help you connect to a remote computerIf you have offered computer help to remote users, be it be your corporate colleagues, business clients, family members or friends then you know that the first and foremost problem is to obtain details and information about the remote computer so you can connect to it. Sometimes, the process is very easy, however sometimes it can be complex due to the involvement of routers, firewalls and non tech savy users. In our article today, we will review a very simple and free utility that provides all the details you will need to connect to a remote computer

How to overcome firewall restrictions and censorship using a Proxy

How to overcome firewall restrictions and censorship using a ProxyIn this article we will show you ho you can use anonymous proxies to overcome firewall restrictions and internet censorship. There are many advantages of using a proxy, cached information and speed is one of them where content is served to you from a server one hop away on your ISP rather than a website that might be located on the internet somewhere. With an anonymous proxy, you can bypass censorship and firewall restrictions for legitimate reasons, weather it be watching HULU outside the USA when traveling or posting on your blogs from countries that censor the internet or hiding your real IP address for security reasons

How to install or reinstall the VMWare console plugin in FireFox

How to reinstall the VMWare console plugin in FireFoxThis step by step article will guide you through to installing or re-installing the Console plugin for VMWare server. VMware server is a very important and free virtualization platform. The VMWare console will let you open your virtual machines in VMWare server in a stand alone console window, sometimes this functionality goes haywire, especially in Windows 7 when you are running VMWare server 2.0 and accessing your console using FireFox. In this article we will show you how to install or reinstall the VMWare console plugin to fix any problems. You can also use this article as a guide on how to install the VMWare console plugin by following steps 5 through 10.

How to ping various search engines to re-index your website or blog

How to ping multiple search engines for re indexing your blogIf you write a blog and want to get its posts through to a good audience, you need to make sure that your Blog is well indexed with search engines. In this quick tip, we will quickly show you how you can PING various search engines, all at once to let them know that your blog has updated. Once you PING the search engines, they will come and crawl your blog, website or article to make sure its indexed. PINGING search engines is useful to send an"out of band" update to the search engines. Search Engines have a crawl frequency set for your website or blog, if you update content before their scheduled crawl day, you can PING them to tell that you have updated content that needs to be inexed.

How to selectively delete roaming profiles on remote machines

How to selectively delete roaming profiles on remote machinesIf you are a Windows Systems Administrator working in a Windows Active Directory environment and use roaming profiles, this article is for you. In this article we will show you how to delete roaming profiles on remote machines selectively (meaning only roaming profiles you choose and not the others). Microsoft has a free resource kit utility called delprof, which allows to delete cached roaming profiles on remote machines, it even lets you choose the deletion criteria based on the period since the roaming profile has not been used on that machine. However, delprof has a serious limitation, it does not let you choose an individual roaming profile or a list of roaming profile to be deleted. We will show you how to overcome this limitation.