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How To Articles

How to setup Windows 7 as a virtual machine on VMWare server

VMWare Virtulization of a Windows Seven DesktopGive Windows Seven a try without spending a dime or formatting your hard drive. In this tutorial we will show you how to install and configure Windows 7 as a virtual machine using the free VMWare server. You can virtualize Windows Seven and run it as a virtual machine in VMWare server. Also check out how you can download a free tiral version of Windows Seven. VMWare server as you might be knowing is the free virtual server from VMWare. Virtualization of Windows Seven does not need any partitioning or formatting of your hard drive, nor will it effect any of your programs or operating system and yes the virtual machine will not create a nasty boot loader on your MBR either! You will be surprised how easy it is, and we will set this up in half the amount of systems requirements for Windows Seven

How to download a free trial version of Windows Seven

How to Download a free trial and evaluation version of Windows SevenIn this article we will show you step by step, how to download a trial (evaluation) version of Windows Seven Enterprise. You can download a 90 day free trial version of Windows Seven Enterprise from Microsoft's Technet site, if you are an IT professional and want to try out Windows Seven. The minimum system requirements for Windows Seven Enterprise are no different than Windows Seven Professional or Ultimate. After 90 days of use, you are expected to buy a working version of Windows (see my note towards the end of this article for some caveats). This download is available only for a limited period till March 31st, 2010 so hurry up and download if you are willing to try out Windows Seven

Use LogMeIn Express to remote control your computers or provide remote Help to users

Users often have the need to log on to their machines remotely when they are not physically present in front of their computers, with machines being online all the time with high speed internet, the lure to connect home from a remote location is even better. In this step by step tutorial we will demonstrate a free remote control utility called LogMeIn Express, using which you can log on to any remote machine by just using a web browser. There are a lot of PC remote control software such as VNC, Symantec PC Anywhere etc but most are either commercial and not free, or they need to install a client on users machine and need tweaking around with firewalls and routers. LogMeIn Express uses LogMeIN's web servers for all of its connection traffic, so there is no firewall or router configuration needed at the users end. Its a great product to provide remote help or technical support to anyone, very easily and without any technical know how

How to setup Ubuntu linux, step by step tutorial

How to setup Ubuntu Linux 9.10Linux desktop computing is clearly becoming a great alternative to popular but expensive Microsoft Windows based operating systems. If you are willing to give Linux a try and see how easy and productive it is, this article might be of significant help to you, as we will show you how to install Linux Ubuntu 9.1 Desktop in under 20 minutes, step by step. Our setup involves the latest Ubuntu release 9.10 (Ubuntu by the way is the most popular distribution or flavor of Liunx). There are other distributions such as SUSE from Novell and Fedora from Redhat, however we are just demonstrating the Ubuntu install, which is the best by far for every user from Novice to Expert!

How to setup Windows Seven, step by step tutorial

Windows Seven setup step by step tutorialWindows Seven has been around since a few months now. If you are thinking to make a move from your current version of Windows to Windows Seven, this article might be of help. This article shows a step by step method to installing Windows Seven. Our setup involves setting up Windows Seven Professional, however the procedure is essentially the same for any version of Windows Seven. Before you upgrade, we do recommend you check your existing hardware for compatibility using Microsoft's wizard located at . This wizard helps you determine if you meet the minimum system requirements for Windows Seven and also checks if your software applications and other hardware will be compatible with Windows Seven.