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How To Articles

How to backup and restore a Drupal Website

If you are not familiar with Drupal, its one of the best Content Management Systems around. Its rock solid performance keeps even the biggest and most complex websites running without a problem. It makes amazingly simple to create and update websites, both start ups and complex. Most web hosting services like Go Daddy now offer Drupal as a preferred CMS (Content Management System) solution. This article explains how to backup and restore an existing Drupal website.

How to connect to your workplace safely using Vista VPN connection

The VPN as most of you might be knowing stands for a Virtual Private Network. It ha gained immense popularity today as it has become a secure way of connecting to a network. Folks who telecommute or work from home must have this. Our article today, discusses how you can configure your Windows Vista machine to connect to a Microsoft based PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling protocol) VPN. The step by step article with screen captures will walk you through in connecting to your work network using the secure VPN

Defeat internet censorship by using UltraSurf

If you are browsing this article from a country like US and Canada, you are extremely lucky, since these countries do not censor internet traffic. Censorship takes away the freedom to post to blogs, to visit websites with information that might be deemed dangerous to "national security". This article discusses a great free product that lets you surf with avoiding this kind of heavy internet censorship. We will show a step by step install and usage tutorial and you can be up and running in less that five minutes.

How to make a Wikipedia Screen Saver

A Wikipedia screen saver is a great alternative for traditional, default Windows screen savers. It provides information on a random topic by displaying different Wikipedia pages on the screen saver. The pages displayed on the Wikipedia Screen saver change at a predefined interval, specified by the user. In addition, the Wikipedia Screen saver can be configured to kill any running application or process. The Wikipedia screen saver is great for personal PCs as well as public facing machines such as interactive Kiosks. In this article we will explain how to make a Wikipedia screen saver step by step.

Download and save YouTube videos

In todays tip we would show you how to download any streaming videos in Flash from popular website such as YouTube, Google Video, Eyespot, MySpace, DailyMotion, Break and MetaCafe. The process is very simple, it does not include any download or configuration everything is done through the SaveTube Website. Here is the step by step procedure to download the flash videos from all the websites mentioned above. Basically you can download from most flash streaming sites using this