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How To Articles

Run applications with administrative credentials being a non privileged user

Every once in a while you come across a nasty application which is required in the line of business work, but it would not run without the user being an administrator. There could be various reasons why such an application might demand to be run with administrative privileges, for example, an old DOS based application not being compatible with the installed operating system or simply the fact that it might be writing to folder and registry locations on the workstation or the network, where the user simply does not have access permissions to.

How to use WordPad to browse the web

Have you ever happen on a Windows machine where you do not have access to the web browser? Sometimes you do have access to the web browser but something is wrong with the browser, it perhaps keeps crashing on you and you do not have an alternate browser like FireFox available to you? In these circumstances, if you are not an administrator on the machine, the chances to fix the existing browser or make one available right away are slim. In this step by step article we would show you how to use the WordPad application (which is included with the default installation of Windows) 

Feng-Gui is Feng-Shui for websites and images

I am sure you all have heard of Feng-Shui, the art of system of aesthetics believed to utilize astronomical and geographical laws to help one improve life by receiving positive qi or energy. It is very widely popular now days in design and architecture of new homes and building complexes. Feng-Gui is a very scientific art which deals the same way with website and image design. It takes a website or an image and generates what’s called "heat maps" based on a 5 second visualization of the object by the human brain. These heat maps are critical in your website design and content as this is where most visitors would focus 

How to locate a failed disk on a NetApp Filer

If you work on the NetApp Filers, you must have come across a situation where you get an AutoSupport notification from NetApp filer that a certain disk on the shelf has failed, this does not mean any interruption to the Filer serving data as usually it is equipped with spare disks which take over. However, it’s prudent to replace the failed disk as soon as possible so you are not left with degraded performance issue in case another disk fails. The auto support notification would usually tell you the disk and shelf number of the disk which has failed (for example 2b.32) but on the shelf, how can you be absolutely sure that you are replacing the right disk?

Retrieve any alphanumeric windows logon password quickly

Sometimes even administrators forget the passwords to their account or sometimes you have "service accounts' configured which use a certain password. If you are deploying a new machine or a server and need this password but you don't have it, you are still not dead in the water. In this article we would show how you can use the free utility called Ophcrack to retrieve Windows passwords. It can crack up to 14 character alphanumeric passwords under 10 minutes. It is a great tool for computer security professionals who would like to audit security settings or perform penetration testing