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How To Articles

The first ever cloud computing based anti virus solution

The first ever cloud computing based anti virus was launched today by Panda Antivirus. The product is called Panda Cloud Antivirus and its backend is based on Panda Antivirus datacenters with a very light frontend client on your machine, this makes its performance incredibly faster than desktop antivirus applications. The application is able to block and deal with threats like Conficker, as soon as they are discovered on the net. Being based on cloud computing, this product is very different from traditional antivirus software such as Norton or MacAfee, as most of the horse power in scanning comes from Panda's servers (somewhere in the cloud).

How to convert a physical machine to a virtual machine using VMware vCenter Converter

VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone utility is a very powerful application that can enable you to convert

Backup Restore and Update your drivers using DriverChecker

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to rebuild your machine and had a hard time gathering the required drivers ? Most people think if backing up their data, but not their drivers. In case the machine dies or has to be rebuilt, one often finds running from one machine to another with a USB drive or Floppy, because that network and other drivers they needed did not work.

How to check previous versions of a website on the internet

If you are involved with web design, you probably have had the need to go back and check how the website looked a few revisions back. In most cases, you would have to dig up some archived files on the network, but if your website served dynamic content, such as ASP, PHP or ColdFusion pages, you would have to jump through the hoops on creating a new test site in Apache or IIS and then loading the files, maybe even creating new DNS entry etc. What if you could look your website back in time, without having to do all of this? What’s even better..? You can do it on the Internet from anywhere.

How to disguise yourself as Googlebot

This article explains how to disguise your browser as a Googlebot. The immediate question that comes to mind is, "why would you want to do that". Have you ever come across search results in a search engine, that seem like what you are looking for and then when you click on, it tells you that you need to register or log on to view this content ? What if your browser was presented to the site as Googlebot? Most sites would allow Googlebot to crawl through so that it can index its pages.