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How To Articles

How to verify the MD5 Checksum of a file in Windows

MD5 Checksum is a way to check that the file that you downloaded from the internet or a third party (untrusted source) is complete and unaltered. It basically insures that the file is exactly the same as to what the vendor is providing. The MD5 checksum verification insures that the file is complete and is not altered or corrupted in any way possible.

Running multiple desktops in Windows XP

If you are a Linux or UNIX user, you must be familiar with the concept of "Multiple Workspaces”, also known as "Multiple desktops". What some people don't know is that this functionality now exists in Windows as well. This article explains how to get multiple desktops running in Windows XP by using Microsoft's free PowerToy add on called Virtual Desktop Manager. Step by Step install instructions are also included.

How to shrink or expand a partition in Windows Vista

This article explains how to shrink an existing drive partition (with data on it), using the built in tools provided with Windows Vista. In older times, if you wanted to resize an existing partition with data on it, you would have to use third party utilities such as Partition Magic, Symantec Ghost. Proprietary third party programs like these are expensive and usually take longer than our method. There are free disk imaging alternatives such as Gparted and DriveImage, but again those all are time consuming as well.

How to change Windows screen resolution using a command line

Have you ever gotten into a situation where your windows screen resolution gets altered unexpectedly? You try and fix it by going to display manger, but the display is so huge (screen resolution is set so small), that you can't even see the OK button because it won't fit on your monitor? What can you do now? You can try using your keyboard and try tabbing to it, but you would have to second guess how many tabs you need.

How to check if your virus scanner is working

In this day and age when most of our home computers are always connected to the internet, the importance of good virus scanning software can not be over emphasized. Most of us do have the virus scanners installed, but most of us also take them for granted. When was the last time when you actually went into your virus scanning software and checked if everything is hunky dory? Do you even know if it’s doing its job? You can create a test virus too and see if your virus scanner catches it