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How To Articles

Make free phone calls around the world from your phone

Does this sound too good to be true? It is true; you can make free phone calls around the world, absolutely free from your telephone. You do not need a speaker, microphone attached to your computer, there are no downloads, no signup fees, no minimum ratios etc. You do not have to listen to any advertising; you do not have to plug in any special devices or adapters, just your regular phone

How to change your Windows XP product key when you suspect piracy

Lately I came across a situation where I had to re-install Windows XP on machine from scratch using an OEM install CD, I had an OEM CD that installed on the machine without any problem, but it did an auto install with the key that came with it.

How to open any file even one with an unknown file extension

Have you ever come across a file with an unknown file extension? You double click on a file and your system does not know how to open it, you try and choose from a big list of programs but they don't work either? Now you can open almost any file with any file extension with a free program that would open the file in its original format!

How to watch movies and TV on Hulu from outside the USA

As you might be knowing Hulu ( is a popular online service that legally streams TV Shows, movies and other video content from big media houses like NBC, Fox, Bravo, CNet, Time etc, and uses commercials to support itself. The selection is really amazing and you can always keep up with your favorite sitcoms or shows, you do not need registration either just to view content. 

Watch movies on your computer stealthily without your boss ever knowing

Did you ever wish that you could be watching movies at work without anybody finding out, or having to watch them and be doing your normal work on the computer at the same time? Now that wish can come true, you can now be watching on your computer and working on that spreadsheet or word document etc. without the need of any additional hardware (such as a second monitor).