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How To Articles

Use Google to find showtimes for movies, your local weather and much more

You can use Google to find out the theatre show times for movies released recently in your area, there are other cool Google tricks mentioned in this article as well, try them out and have fun!

Check your browser compatibility in 70 browsers for free

Are you a web developer or do you own a blog? Have you always wanted to know how your site or web page looks like in other browsers other than what you have on your machine? Browser compatibility is crucial to target and reach the biggest possible user base on the internet, since not all browsers conform to same standards, your website my look different on different browser (for example from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Opera) or even a lower version of the same browser.

How to put your pc to Sleep or Hibernate mode using a command line

A few days back we did an article on differences between the Sleep mode and Hibernation (available at It really does save a lot of energy having the machines hibernate or sleep, rather than being powered on 24 x 7. So, why would you want to do this using a command line rather than the available GUI ? There can be a number of reasons, primarily being that you want to put this in a batch file to be used.

How to hide data secretly inside picture files using Steganography

You can hide data secretly inside picture files like jpg, png and gif. These files appear totally normal to the naked eye, when you double click on them, they open like the normal picture files would and you can see the pictures, however you can secretly embed other files within one picture file with a technique known as Steganography. There are already ready made tools available for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Macs) that make this possible.

How to check if your ISP is blocking or slowing bittorrent content

It has become public knowledge in recent months that some ISPs (Internet Service Providers - the folks who provide you at home with your internet connection) are blocking or throttling bittorrent traffic. Bittorrent as you might know is a very popular P2P (point to point) file sharing client which lets you download torrent files. But, how can you tell if YOUR ISP is blocking or slowing down this traffic