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Convert your files online from any format to other

Convert your files online from one format to anotherHave you ever been on a corporate computer where you do not find access to adequate software due to licensing and corporate policies ? Have you ever wanted to do a file conversion desperately, such as convert an avi file to mpg file or a dvd vob file, convert a cd song to an mp3 file etc but have been so wary to ask IT to install software on your machine because you do not have the required business case or because the delay will be too much ? No problems, today we will show you how you can convert a majority of file formats to other formats for free and without installing any software on your machine

How to find your lost phone

How to find your lost phoneYou just finished watching a movie at home and you are sleepy, you are expecting an important phone call early morning but suddenly you realize that you have lost your phone at home, you don't know where is your cellphone or handset! In the past we have showed you some cool phone phreaking tricks, such as how to spoofyour caller id when you call someone. In another cool trick and part of our Friday fun, we introduce you to another cool and helpful trick, which helps you locate your phone using the internet. This one can definitely come in handy one day.

How to protect any executable file with a password

Password protect any executable file or folderIn the past we have shown you a Windows Seven Hack where In the past we have shown you a Windows Seven Hack on how you can create a folder on your desktop and can only open it when you supply the right password. This time we will introduce something better, we will show you how you can password protect any executable exe file, document or the contents of a folder and have the folder visible to you only when you put the right password. This protection comes in addition to the local security that's offered by the Operating System such as NTFS. This can really be useful when you share a machine with family members, co-workers using the same login but need to keep some things private to yourself. In the past, chat applications, FTP applications, Excel (financial) spreadsheets and Word documents etc can all be protected against accidental deletion or use by unauthorized users.

Verify generate or reverse engineer your MD5 hashes online

Reverse Engineer your MD5 hashes onlineAs some of you might be knowing, MD5 (aka Message Digest 5 algorithm) is a way of checking data integrity. Often used in cryptography, MD5 is used to check the integrity of the data when its compressed, before being encrypted typically with a PKI technique. MD5 is much more reliable and better way of checking data integrity than using traditional methods such as check-sum. It could take a long time to reverse engineer a MD5 hash using brute force methods and that's why we will introduce you today to getting MD5 hashes in a snap.

How to create a Network Diagram for your LAN using Windows seven

How to create a Network Diagram for your LAN using Windows sevenWindows Seven has a lot of hidden capabilities. One of the tasks Windows Seven can perform for you is that it can create a network diagram of your Local Area Network (LAN or WAN). This would provide you with a visual representation of all the hardware devices connected locally to your machine, these include other workstations, servers, routers, hubs and switches. In this step by step article we will show you how you can use Windows Seven's built in features to create a network diagram or visual representation of your local area network. If you are looking for creating  more sophisticated network diagrams for free, you can check our previous article on How to create  network diagrams online for free.