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Linux related articles

Ubuntu launches its own certification

Ubuntu launches its own certificationThe most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu has launched its own IT certification. Canonical Ltd. , the company that actually makes and sponsors the Ubuntu has announced the certification in combination with the Linux Professional Institute, better known as LPI. LPI offers many other certifications as well but this is the first one its doing in combination and support from a Linux Distribution maker. Canonical has taken to endorse the certification in response to industries demand as well as a professional's need.

Ubuntu launches the new version of its Linux distro 10.04 LTS

The new version of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS is launchedGood news for all you Ubuntu Linux fans out there. Just yesterday (April 29th), Cannonical, the company that makes Ubuntu Linux, launched a new version of of Ubuntu, version 10.04 LTS. The LTS version means Long Term Support and will stay in production with active support available to end users and enterprises for at least three years. Cannonical will also make sure it maintains security and maintainence updates for this version for at-least three years. The latest version was released by Cannonical in London on April 27th and worldwide on April 29th.

How to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux

How to install VMWare tools on a Ubuntu Virtual MachineIn this tutorial, we will show you how to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux which is running as a virtualized desktop (virtual machine) on VMWare server. VMWare tools, as you might be knowing, greatly enhance your GUI (Graphic Users Interface) experience, when running a virtual machine on VMWare server. If you have VMWare tools installed, you do not need to do a ctrl+alt combination to get control of your mouse or keyboard, it simply glides in and out of your virtual machine without doing that. Our setup involved Ubuntu Linux 9.5 running as a virtual machine on VMWare server 2.0. There are more than one way of installing VMWare tools in a virtual machine, we are taking you through the simplest and easiest method. We assume that you have your Ubuntu virtual machine up and running and that you have your virtual machine console window open.

How to install Ubuntu as a virtual machine on VMWare server

Virtualized Ubuntu Splash ScreenHave you always wanted to give Linux a try but have'nt because you thought of formatting your machine, reinstalling everything, backing up all your data and programs ? Well now you can learn and enjoy Linux along with your Windows operating system with full features using the free VMWare server. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Ubuntu Linux as a virtual machine in VMWare server on your windows machine. You will be enjoying your fully virtualized Linux desktop in less than 20 minutes.

How to setup Ubuntu linux, step by step tutorial

How to setup Ubuntu Linux 9.10Linux desktop computing is clearly becoming a great alternative to popular but expensive Microsoft Windows based operating systems. If you are willing to give Linux a try and see how easy and productive it is, this article might be of significant help to you, as we will show you how to install Linux Ubuntu 9.1 Desktop in under 20 minutes, step by step. Our setup involves the latest Ubuntu release 9.10 (Ubuntu by the way is the most popular distribution or flavor of Liunx). There are other distributions such as SUSE from Novell and Fedora from Redhat, however we are just demonstrating the Ubuntu install, which is the best by far for every user from Novice to Expert!