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Linux related articles

How to run Google's Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine on VMWare server

You must have all heard the buzz about Google launching its own operating system called Chrome OS or Chromium OS.  Well now you can try out Chromium OS as a virtual machine on a VMWare Server, virtualization of course has its benefits because with virtualization you don't need to format your machine, configure dual boot etc, you just play the virtual machine virtualized within your current operating system.  You might find other articles where you can download a pre configured virtualized vmware image and play it in a vmware player, however this step by step article tells you how to do the virtualization on a vmware server, completely free!


How to reset the root password in Ubuntu

If you are a Linux newbie, there is lots to learn. Ubuntu takes all the pain away from that learning and makes it fun. Ubuntu is the most friendly and the most popular distribution so far. However, sometimes even the learned users on Ubuntu can forget their root password and can be stuck. This step by step article shows you in a very easy steps as how you can reset the root password on a Ubuntu desktop in under 5 minutes. There are numerous way of resetting the root password (eg; booting into rescue mode etc), however this is the best, smallest, friendlies and quickest.

How to install SSH server in Ubuntu

This is a step by step article on how to to install the SSH server on an Ubuntu desktop distribution. The default install of Ubuntu does not include the SSH server installed by default. You can follow these steps to install the SSH daemon and get it working, so you can connect to your Ubuntu box remotely using SSH.