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Articles related to Networking

How to connect to an iSCSI target from Windows Seven

How to connect to an iSCSI target from Windows SevenIn our previous article we showed you how to create an iSCSI target on a free SAN server called OpenFiler. In this article we will show you how you can connect a Windows Seven machine to an iSCSI target. Once connected, you should be able to mount it as a local hard drive. iSCSI is the next best protocol after Fiber Channel because it offers good speeds and is not as expensive as Fiber Channel (as a matter of fact you can have free iSCSI target servers such as OpenFiler). iSCSI is a preferred choice for IT users especially those who work on virtualization platforms such as VMWare ESX or ESXi.

How to configure CIFS on FreeNAS 8

How to configure CIFS on FreeNAS 8In our earlier article we showed you how to configure the popular Network Area Storage Appliance called FreeNAS. The latest version of FreeNAS, version 8 is significantly different than its predecessors. In this article we will show you how you can configure CIFS so you can connect to a CIFS share from any machine using a username and password. CIFS is Common Internet File System which is also known as SMB or Server Messaging block. In our example our FreeNAS appliance is not configured with ZFS or Zero File System rather Universal File System. If you need any help on how to pre configure the appliance so that you can refer to our previous article on How to configure FreeNAS 8.

What are the advantages of Virtualization

Advantages if VirtualizationVirtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that lets you create many virtual machines inside of one physical machine which is running on a single operating system. Virtualization technology manages itself with perceived activity and utilization, giving and sharing resources wisely as needed. With particular emphasis on Greener Technologies, reducing the carbon foot print, virtualization has taken the lead in reducing power and space requirements for computers. In this article we will tell you about what are the advantages of virtualization, it might even help you putting a business case or a sales pitch before your supervisor to get going on the virtualization path

Desktop Virtualization (DV) Is Disrupting the Computer Model – Reality or Hype?

Desktop Virtualization disrupting computer modelAuthor: liza252

The buzz about desktop virtualization is mired in plenty of questions, like whether desktop virtualization’s virtues are real or simply hype. Does it truly simplify the issues of desktop management that have been troubling IT managers for over two decades now? Can it live up to the tall promises of savings, flexibility and security? Is it really the ‘next big thing’ in IT? So let’s separate the wheat from the chaff now, shall we?

Server Virtualization – How Would You Know If It’s Right for You?

Server Virtualization - Is it right for your business ?Author: jaycee

During the recent years, the word “virtualization” has become a household name in the technology niche. More often than not, virtualization is associated with “cost efficiency” and “cloud computing.” simply because it does exactly that.

Virtualization could come in different forms – network virtualization, storage virtualization, and server virtualization.