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Articles related to Networking

Importance of Virtual Private Server

Importance of Virtual Private ServerAuthor: Renee Williams

Net hosting company is another phrase that can be utilised for digital personal server. Towards the usage of a person client a virtual machine is developed that is called VPS. It has a privateness of the separate personal computer and also has the configuration of the server laptop or computer although its functioning is equivalent to separate laptop or computer.

How to add a homegroup in Windows Seven

How to add a homegroup in Windows SevenHomeGroups is a new feature introduced in Windows Seven, which lets you share libraries, documents, music, videos, printers etc with other computers in your home network securely. You no longer need to email documents etc from one computer to another. In this article we will show you, how you can add a HomeGroup to Windows Seven and what it can do for you. Once created, you will be able to join other Windows Seven machines to this HomeGroup and share Media, Documents and Folders. You will also be able to configure what you want to exclude from being shared such as particular libraries, folders and files

How to promote a Windows 2008 server to a Domain Controller

How to make a server a Domain ControllerIn this article we will explain step by step, how to convert a Windows 2008 server into a Domain controller. We will be using a Windows 2008 32 bit (NON R2) server for our demonstration purposes. This demonstration also assumes that this DC will also be the DNS server for the domain, if you have existing DNS servers, you can very easily substitute for those in the setup. Since we are assuming that this is going to be the first Domain Controller on the forest, it will also function as the Global Catalog Server. Windows 2008 Domain controller has a lot of new features as compared to a Windows 2003 server or 2003 R2. They are outside the scope of this article but I will try and mention them briefly.

How to install VMWare PCI Compliance Checker tool

How to install VMWare PCI Complaince ToolIn this step by step article we will show you how to install and run VMWare's free PCI Compliance Checker tool, which will greatly help you in your PCI Compliance Audits. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and if your business or workplace uses credit or debit card processing, either by cashiers, online on the web or using self serve kiosks then you must be PCI compliant and stick and adhere to security standards set up by the Payment Card Industry. PCI clompliance requires you maintain a secure network and store data securely. In addition to this, you must conduct regular tests to ensure there are no breaches.

How long before we run out of IP addresses

How long before the IP V4 Internet Addresses run outIn a recent report published at, it was predicted that we will reach IP address exhaustion for IP addresses in version 4 format by next year (2011). The announcement came from Chief of ARIN (American Registry for Internet  Numbers - An organization responsible for distribution of Internet Addresses in North America). A massive growth in distributed computing architecture and exponential growth in volume of data due to social networking sites is a prime reason why we are reaching towards the 4 Billion IP addresses limit provided by the IP Version 4 format.