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Articles related to Networking

How to connect to your workplace safely using Vista VPN connection

The VPN as most of you might be knowing stands for a Virtual Private Network. It ha gained immense popularity today as it has become a secure way of connecting to a network. Folks who telecommute or work from home must have this. Our article today, discusses how you can configure your Windows Vista machine to connect to a Microsoft based PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling protocol) VPN. The step by step article with screen captures will walk you through in connecting to your work network using the secure VPN

What is Anycast

Anycast is a type of Network Topology just like its predecessors, Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast. This article provides an insight with this new network scheme, its advantages and compares it with other existing network schemes.

What is a botnet

The word Botnet gets its name by joining the words Bot and Net, bot is a short for Robots and Net for Network. In a one line definition, a BotNet is comprised of a network of computers which intends harm to the computer owner and also others. The reason it is known as a Robot Network is because it is "controlled" its master handlers or owners. These handlers or owners turn the infected machine into a zombie, which has no choice but to "obey" their commands.

PirateBay launches iPreadtor counter offensive to keep users safe and anonymous

PirateBay is launching the iPreadtor service to keep internet users safe and anonymous, so that they can not be tracked by law enforcement. This move comes in response to Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED) which gives Swedish authorities to track users from their respective ISPs for their internet activities including Torrent usage. The IPRED would come into effect starting April 2009, making users vulnerable to threats by law enforcement and privacy infringement.

What is Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows Server 2003

The Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows prohibits network access to a private network unless the machine connecting to the network is validated against certain preset conditions. These conditions are checked by an administrator approved script, this is typically enforced by Internet Authentication Service (IAS) and / or Remote Access Servers (RAS)