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Articles related to Networking

How to put your pc to Sleep or Hibernate mode using a command line

A few days back we did an article on differences between the Sleep mode and Hibernation (available at It really does save a lot of energy having the machines hibernate or sleep, rather than being powered on 24 x 7. So, why would you want to do this using a command line rather than the available GUI ? There can be a number of reasons, primarily being that you want to put this in a batch file to be used.

What is OpenID and How does it work

OpenID is a way of using a common username across multiple sites for authentication. It has obvious benefits such as eliminating the needs of remembering different usernames and less headaches for companies to administer their usernames and passwords. It takes advantage of the fact that users have already created identies for themselvs in forms of their blogs, online profiles, memberships to social networking sites etc.

How to check if your ISP is blocking or slowing bittorrent content

It has become public knowledge in recent months that some ISPs (Internet Service Providers - the folks who provide you at home with your internet connection) are blocking or throttling bittorrent traffic. Bittorrent as you might know is a very popular P2P (point to point) file sharing client which lets you download torrent files. But, how can you tell if YOUR ISP is blocking or slowing down this traffic

How to configure Wake On Lan to work behind a router

Wake on Lan (WOL for short or sometimes called RWU for Remote Wake Up) uses UDP port 9.

If you are behind a router and want to allow Wake On Lan packets to go through, make sure you forward UDP port 9 to the broadcast address, this is because a computer does not get an IP address until its booted up, and the magic packet needs to be sent to all the computers in the subnet (hence the broadcast). When the WOL packet is sent, it contains the MAC address of the machine you want to wake, so only that machine would respond to the broadcast and wake up.

What is Open DNS

Open DNS (called OpenDNS) is a FREE alternative to the DNS (Domain Name Service) provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Internet Connection Provider.

DNS as you all know is an essential part of the Internet and WWW, it does the job of translating Names to numeric IP address and vice versa.

Why then would you want to use OpenDNS rather than the DNS servers provided by your ISP ? The reason is that it provides wealth of other features which normal DNS providers dont. Some of them are: