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How to use Outlook with Command Line Switches

How to launch Outlook using Command Line SwitchesOutlook as you all know is the popular email client from Microsoft. Command Line Switches provide enhanced or modified functionality to the default Outlook behavior.

Server Virtualization – How Would You Know If It’s Right for You?

Server Virtualization - Is it right for your business ?Author: jaycee

During the recent years, the word “virtualization” has become a household name in the technology niche. More often than not, virtualization is associated with “cost efficiency” and “cloud computing.” simply because it does exactly that.

Virtualization could come in different forms – network virtualization, storage virtualization, and server virtualization. 

Importance of Virtual Private Server

Importance of Virtual Private ServerAuthor: Renee Williams

Net hosting company is another phrase that can be utilised for digital personal server. Towards the usage of a person client a virtual machine is developed that is called VPS. It has a privateness of the separate personal computer and also has the configuration of the server laptop or computer although its functioning is equivalent to separate laptop or computer.

How to browse the web as GoogleBot or YahooBot

How to Browse the web as GoogleBot or YahooBotIn an earlier article we showed you How you can disguise yourself as the GoogleBot. Following the same lines, in this article today we will show you how you can very easily make your browsing session appear as if it was a GoogleBot or YahooBot. You might ask why you ever want to do this, strictly not to do anything illegal. Most websites do not block Search Engine bots to crawl their pages and for indexing purposes they definitely allow GoogleBot and YahooBot. Hence, if you are in a fix sometimes and you need to get to page where you have forgotten your user credentials, or if the particular web page needs you to register first etc, you can use this method to get to it in a jiffy.

How to identify unknown hardware devices in device manager

How to identify unknown hardware devices in device managerA lot of times when you are installing Windows or installing a new piece of hardware, Windows is not able to provide native driver support for the device and the device shows up as a big question mark in device manager. The easy fix will be to install the appropriate drivers and fix the error, however, to start you need to guess what device it is that you are looking the drivers for, for example, is it a modem, a network card, a video card etc. In this article we will show you step by step, how you can identify these unknown hardware devices often shown in Windows Device Manager with a yellow question mark, without installing any third party software on your machine.