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The first ever cloud computing based anti virus solution

The first ever cloud computing based anti virus was launched today by Panda Antivirus. The product is called Panda Cloud Antivirus and its backend is based on Panda Antivirus datacenters with a very light frontend client on your machine, this makes its performance incredibly faster than desktop antivirus applications. The application is able to block and deal with threats like Conficker, as soon as they are discovered on the net. Being based on cloud computing, this product is very different from traditional antivirus software such as Norton or MacAfee, as most of the horse power in scanning comes from Panda's servers (somewhere in the cloud).

Backup Restore and Update your drivers using DriverChecker

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to rebuild your machine and had a hard time gathering the required drivers ? Most people think if backing up their data, but not their drivers. In case the machine dies or has to be rebuilt, one often finds running from one machine to another with a USB drive or Floppy, because that network and other drivers they needed did not work.

Bittorrent based TV is coming with Tribler

Torrent technology has become so popular that now Bittorrent based TV is coming. Did you know that a lot of popular entertainment studios and news channels like BBC are making their content available to end users using bittorrent? The reason bittorrent is so attractive is because it presents the end user with an "on demand" experience, rather than to wait for a regional release of a popular TV soap (like Desperate House Wives), folks in Australia for example can already download current episodes from the United States Community. Tribler is one such company, which intends to bring Torrents to "traditional TV sets". When integrated with TV sets, users would be able to navigate, use and control Tribler with just a remote

What is VMWare ThinApp

Have you ever wished that you had a way of running a favorite application or game of yours on a machine without needing to install it or to have administrator privileges to run it ? Or sometimes you would you just want that DOS, Windows95 or Windows 2000, XP application to be compatible and be running in Windows Vista ? Sometimes you just want something portable, that you can run on a client's machine using your USB drive, without having the application write anything to the hard drive ? VMware's ThinApp is the solution that provides you with your wish!

What are strong password guidelines for SQL 2005 Express edition

When you are installing SQL server 2005 Express edition, the wizard asks you for a password. At this time you can put in a password, other than a blank password, however you should really meet the strong password requirements. The "Strong Password" in SQL Server Express 2005 is defined as follows by Microsoft:

Strong Password Guidelines