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Running multiple desktops in Windows XP

If you are a Linux or UNIX user, you must be familiar with the concept of "Multiple Workspaces”, also known as "Multiple desktops". What some people don't know is that this functionality now exists in Windows as well. This article explains how to get multiple desktops running in Windows XP by using Microsoft's free PowerToy add on called Virtual Desktop Manager. Step by Step install instructions are also included.

What is Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is new blog writing software from Microsoft that integrates with its other Windows Live Spaces series of applications. The writer can be used to publish and post blog posts directly to your Windows Live blog or your corporate SharePoint blog. It has integration possibilities with other third party blog sites such as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad.

Watch movies on your computer stealthily without your boss ever knowing

Did you ever wish that you could be watching movies at work without anybody finding out, or having to watch them and be doing your normal work on the computer at the same time? Now that wish can come true, you can now be watching on your computer and working on that spreadsheet or word document etc. without the need of any additional hardware (such as a second monitor).

Get free accounting software from Microsoft

Microsoft is now offering the Microsoft Accounting Express 2009 software for free, this is a great product for individuals, startups and home based businesses. Please note that the software we are talking about is Microsoft Accounting Express 2009 and is free and not a time limited trial like the trial version of the full blown Office Accounting 2009 version.

Get a free trial of Microsoft Windows Server 2008

You can get a free trial of Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 for 240 days! . There is no need to register or to obtain a license key. Your install would be functional for 60 to 180 days to start with, but you can extend the evaluation period twice to 240 days. you can even get Virtual Images for the Windows 2008 server for Virtual Server 2005 or Hyper V.