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What is a Botnet and how you can prevent your computer from becoming a zombie

In the past we did an article on What is a Botnet and how you can deal with them. I just came across an informative video from Symantec about Botnets and just wanted to share with everybody! Did you know about 40% of all SPAM is sent by Botnets, thats about 300 MILLION emails in a single day!. It is indeed scary stuff out here, but good news is that if you are infected with a botnet infection, you can deal with it easily. Our article on What is a BotNet will show you the precautions you can take to prevent your computer becoming a zombie and being controlled by a BotMaster somewhere and also how you can fight the infections.

How to create network diagrams online for free

Create Network Diagrams Online For FreeIn this article we will show you how to create free network diagrams online without using any custom software. You can use this tool to create other diagrams such as Org Charts, Sitemaps, Flowcharts etc. This tool is no replacement for complex Network Diagram software such as Microsoft Visio or Dia, but it will get you by in a jiffy. It is very easy and online, available to you for free from any machine and from anywhere on the internet. Once you get used to it, you can create complex drawings very easily. The tool even has an Export feature which will let you export your network diagrams and other drawings to other formats such as .png or .jpg. So lets get started!

How to recover deleted files and photos on your hard drive and cameras

Recover deleted files and photos off your hard drives flash drives and camerasHow many times has it happened that you have deleted a file from your computer and repented after you deleted it from the recycling bin ? In our tutorial about data recovery today, we will show you how you can recover data from your hard drive, camera, Flash Drive, Zip drive, USB drives, SD Card, iphone or itouch using a free software. This software Restores files from removable media (SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Digital cameras, Floppy disks, Jaz Disks, Sony Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards, Smart Media Cards, Secure Digital Cards, etc.) and it has a very simple and easy to use point and click interface. It supports Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 , NTFS + EFS file systems and recovers all types of files, office documents, images, video, music, email, anything. Best of all, it can be run just from a USB stick!

How to install and configure the free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software

Microsoft Security Essentials Free Anti Virus and Anti Spyware SoftwareOne of the most important pieces of software that needs to go on your computer is your anti virus and anti spyware software. There are a lot to choose from, each claiming superiority over the other. In this article we will walk you through on installing the free anti virus and anti spyware from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a one stop PC protection against spyware and viruses and have gotten the best reviews recently and is very user friendly and very small on computer resources such as RAM and CPU consumption. Lets get started!

Use LogMeIn Express to remote control your computers or provide remote Help to users

Users often have the need to log on to their machines remotely when they are not physically present in front of their computers, with machines being online all the time with high speed internet, the lure to connect home from a remote location is even better. In this step by step tutorial we will demonstrate a free remote control utility called LogMeIn Express, using which you can log on to any remote machine by just using a web browser. There are a lot of PC remote control software such as VNC, Symantec PC Anywhere etc but most are either commercial and not free, or they need to install a client on users machine and need tweaking around with firewalls and routers. LogMeIn Express uses LogMeIN's web servers for all of its connection traffic, so there is no firewall or router configuration needed at the users end. Its a great product to provide remote help or technical support to anyone, very easily and without any technical know how