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How to type in Hindi on FaceBook and Twitter

How to type in Hindi on Facebook and TwitterWant to learn another FaceBook and Twitter trick ? Want to know how you can type in Hindi and other East Asian languages on Twitter without a need to install a plug-in, special font, changing your keyboard or even a FireFox extension ? Its very easy and we will show you how to type in Hindi on FaceBook, Twitter or any other application including your favorite Word processing application like Microsoft Word by using free Microsoft and Google Labs tools. You can choose from a variety of languages including Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Nepali and Sanskrit

Best free Alternative to Norton Ghost for imaging your machines

Drive Image XMLMany of you work with Small Business or SOHO environments where you maintain a few machines and workstations. From time to time you need to build machines to your their basic state, or whats called a base image. A very popular program in the corporate environment for creating and restoring workstation to their "base image" or base state is Symantec's Norton Ghost. Today we will introduce you to a Free alternative to Norton Ghost for your disk imaging solutions.

How to rotate a video vertically or horizontally

A video clip before conversionHow many times has it happened that you shot a video of your favorite moment and later realized that the camera was oriented wrong and the picture that comes up is actually oriented horizontally ? This is a common mistake first time users do, its also a very common thing to happen in videos that are shot using smaller hand held devices such as Cell Phones and Digital Cameras. You can't go back in time to re do your video always, however you can follow our step by step article here, that shows you how to rotate your videos easily. 

How to backup your Gmail FaceBook Twitter Flicker Google Docs and other online accounts

Backupify online backup service for FaceBook, Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, FlickerIn this article we will show you how to back up all your data from online services such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Delicious, Flicker etc using a cloud based backup service. One click and you will be able to backup all your messages, documents, photos, status updates, links, friend and contact information. Backing up these accounts and their data is specially necessary in case your account is hacked, compromised or gets deleted due to some reason such as somebody malicious using your account to violate the terms of service and acceptable use policy by these popular online services

The best video converter to convert between different video and audio formats

Quick Media ConverterIn this article we will introduce you to an Open Source free tool that will let you painlessly convert from one Video or Audio file format to another. The Quick Media Converter is a one stop need for your video conversion needs and in our opinion the best video converted tool available. It has pre-configured buttons that will let you convert to most popular video format such as Flash, Quicktime, Divx, XVid, DVD, VCD, 3GP for cellphone video 3GP, IPhone Mp4 format, Mp4 for IPOD, XBox, PSP, High Def and Blu Ray etc QMC supports the advanced QCELP Audio codec and KIDDI codecs as well