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Google DNS tool to check your DNS servers name resolution speed

DNS systemIn an earlier article, we talked about Google's public DNS server launch and how to configure your computer to use them. However, should you be switching over to a third party DNS servers from the ones provided by your own ISPs ? Internal name resolution such as the ones for Active Directory environment, privacy concerns as well as resolution speeds are factors that you should consider. In this article we will show you step by step on how to check your DNS name resolution speeds with different DNS providers, using the free utility NameBench DNS tool from Google Labs

The reason behind the BlackBerry outage

The reason behind the large scale outage suffered by BlackBerry usage is being blamed on two new versions of BlackBerry Messengers. According to Bloomberg anyone who had downloaded the upgraded BlackBerry Messenger since Dec 14th would have suffered the outage yesterday. The outage was large scale effecting customers all over North and South America. Blackberry is the largest selling Smart Phone and is manufactured by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). Any such service disruption comes as a major setback in a tightly competed smart phone market with big players such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android

How to restart your computer from the internet using a web browser

Every once in a while, when you need your machine from a remote location (to serve you a web page, upload a file to your FTP etc), it sometimes does not respond and a reboot is required to bring it back to its normal. So how do you restart your machine remotely ? Well, there are several ways of doing it, some folks simply would need to connect to it using a form of remote connection (like Windows Remote Desktop Protocol or VNC), some simply can use the Windows built in Windows command called 'shutdown'. However, these methods could be restricted due to firewall and security restrictions imposed on you from the network you are on. In this article, we will show you how to use your web browser to restart your machine, most places have unrestricted access for users to use a web browser.

How to track down your stolen laptop using a free utility

As our computing needs become increasingly mobile, we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices such as Laptops, PDAs and Smart-phones. Often times, we get so much use to our digital device and depend so much on it, that the thought of it being stolen  sends shivers and if such a theft does happen, it renders our daily ability to perform properly useless. This article discusses "The Prey Project" which essentially is a free open source based project, providing a free application that  can be remotely activated and sends in information including a stealth web cam capture of the user, the IP address and quite possibly the network and the location of your laptop. Its basically a tool that lets you track down your stolen laptop

How to slipstream your Windows installation using nLite

Have you ever installed Windows on a new machine from scratch using the Windows OS CD and found out that after the install was complete, you had to do at least 70 plus updates from Microsoft to bring your installation up to date ? This usually takes a lot of time and effort, but its a necessary evil as you do need to patch your system for all those existing vulnerabilities. Today, we will go through the process of "SlipStreaming" a Windows installation with you. It means, that you create a new installation media (a new install CD) which has all the updates built into it, so you don't have to sit around doing updates once it has finished installing the Operating System