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Microsoft releasing free Office Lite facing stiff competition from Google

Facing stiff competition from Google Microsoft has decided to provide end users with a free version of Microsoft Office called Microsoft Office Lite. As most of you might be knowing, Google's increasing popularity in providing users with Google Docs and now promising to put out its own operating system for desktop computers very soon . In a step to deal with this competition, Microsoft. will be releasing Office Lite which will be the same look and feel as upcoming Office 2010. The suite will include a Word processor, Spread sheeting program and a presentation program

How to install SSH server in Ubuntu

This is a step by step article on how to to install the SSH server on an Ubuntu desktop distribution. The default install of Ubuntu does not include the SSH server installed by default. You can follow these steps to install the SSH daemon and get it working, so you can connect to your Ubuntu box remotely using SSH.

Logon to any password protected Windows machine without knowing the password

Today we will show you proof of concept on how you can log on to any password protected Windows machine, without knowing the password at all. I am sure you have heard of utilities which will "reset" or "recover the Windows login password for you, but this is way cooler than that, this utility will not write or reset anything to the hard drive. After you are done, on the next reboot the machine will retain its original password. There is no "reset" or lengthy recovery involved. The 5 step process is so easy that after you have seen this, you will be shaking your head

Single exe file light weight PDF reader

If you deal with PDF documents a lot, you know how bloated and big the Adobe PDF reader is. Besides, in most cases, it does not come installed by default, you have to install it. If you are on the move, or using some body else's machine, you will probably need administrative privileges to install the bloated Adobe PDF reader.

We have found just the right solution for that! Its the SUMATRA PDF viewer. The whole program is just one single executable file, that you can run from even your portable USB thumb drive. It is very light weight and loads up in seconds. It is fully compatible with normal PDF document standards, has no external dependencies and does not write to any file locations or the registry on your hard drive. The best thing of it all, its Open Source and free. It definitely qualifies to be one of the "must have" portable applications.

You can download Sumatra PDF viewer from its website located at

How to use Microsoft Bing -411 service from your phone

As most of you already know Microsoft launched its new search engine called bing. Microsoft has revamped its search engine to come more directly in competition with Google. You might also know of some of the popular products from Microsoft that compete with Google, such as Microsoft Virtual Earth with Google Earth and its service with Google maps.