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How to Generate a Systems Health Report in Windows Seven

Generate a Systems Health Report in Windows Seven with PerfmonWindows Seven has added many new utilities and features that assist users and systems administrators in diagnosing problems and fixing them. One such thing is a Systems Health Report that you can generate, which tells you about every aspect of your Windows Seven PC. The report includes diagnostic data on Hardware, Software, Operating System, BIOS and Memory. The results are presented in a very clear and tabulated manner by categories that are easy to read, including errors, warnings and informational items listed right on top of the report.

How to use Google Hacks to control and view cameras on the internet

How to control network cameras using Google HacksGoogle hacks according to Google are compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search and map services. There are many uses of Google hacks and there are several Google Hacks available. Today we will go through on how you can use Google Hacks to look at and control some of the cameras accessible through the internet. Often you can find good quality feeds from cameras that are left open purposely for viewers on the internet and sometimes you will stumble upon a few that are not meant for "public viewing". Administrators can learn a lot from using Google hacks and making their feeds secure.

How to ghost your drive using a free tool included with Windows Seven

Ghost and image your hard drive using Windows Sevens free built in toolIn our earlier articles we discussed about a free alternative to Symantec Ghost. Today we are going to show how you can use the built in tool included with Windows Seven to create a System Image just like Ghosting your C: drive. You do not need any third party applications to image or restore a machine, the built in scheduler will also let you schedule the imaging process. Unlike Norton Ghost, you can run the tool from within Windows Seven and can do hot backups of files that are in use, Windows Seven's built in Volume Shadow Copy service lets you backup files that are in use. If you are performing a full restore operation, then yes you will have to shutdown Windows. The robust tool gives you the option to backup to a Network share, removable USB sticks or even to write it to a DVD if you have a DVD writer built in

How to make the default ping reply in Windows Seven to be in IP version four format

How to enable IP V4 as your default ping reply output in Windows SevenIf you are a systems administrator in a Windows 7, Vista and XP mixed environment, or may be just a normal home, SOHO user, you might have noticed that if you ping a Windows 7 machine from a Windows seven machine, you get your ping reply back in IP version 6 (which looks much more cryptic than IP version 4). We are all very use to of getting a normal ping response displayed to us in numeric format, rather than the long cryptic alphanumeric reply. In this article we will show you how you can change your default ping reply in Windows Seven to be IP version 4 and at the end of this article we have a bonus tip which tells you how you can get IP V4 ping replies without changing anything on your machine

Open Source Software for Windows

Open Source Software For Windows, a free alternative to costly windows softwareHave you ever wanted to do something in Windows and found out that the software required to do it costs a fortune or maybe is not up to the mark ? Now you can have Open Source software to do a variety of things in Windows. Open Source software is free of cost for personal and commercial usage. The OSSWIN website has a great listing of a lot of good Open Source Software available for Windows. The list is quiet big, most of the software thats listed is critically acclaimed and rivals its paid alternative for Windows. I have also listed some of my personal favorites in here, including the ones I have had a chance to install and use myself.