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How to connect to Hotmail using Outlook 2007

How to connect to Hotmail using Outlook 2007In this article we will show you how to connect to your Hotmail account using Outlook 2007 so that you are able to send, receive and manage (including setting up rules, permanently delete email, manage your calendar and manage junk mail features) as if your were logged on to your Windows Live Hotmail site online. Previously, you could just go to the Tools -> Accounts menu in Outlook 2003 or 2007 and add your hotmail account just by specifying your email address and password and the client had the capability to auto configure the settings. This procedure however was changed when Hotmail migrated to the Windows Live Format

The App for iPhone which can turn dressed up people into undressed ones

iPhone Nude App that turns dressed up people into NudesAnd you thought you were afraid of the full body scanners at the Airport Security, wait till you see the iPhone NudeIt App which can undress a dressed person in no time!. iPhone App developers are getting more creative everyday and now there is an App for iPhone which can turn anyone who is fully dressed into semi dressed or completely undressed! That's right, you heard right, the folks at have come up with an unbelievable technology, which can take a picture or video of a person fully dressed and through its augmented reality algorithm turn the person without clothes. The photo and video effects are completely realistic and in real time

How to type in Hindi on FaceBook and Twitter

How to type in Hindi on Facebook and TwitterWant to learn another FaceBook and Twitter trick ? Want to know how you can type in Hindi and other East Asian languages on Twitter without a need to install a plug-in, special font, changing your keyboard or even a FireFox extension ? Its very easy and we will show you how to type in Hindi on FaceBook, Twitter or any other application including your favorite Word processing application like Microsoft Word by using free Microsoft and Google Labs tools. You can choose from a variety of languages including Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Nepali and Sanskrit

Best Easter Egg hack for Windows seven called the God Mode

Windows 7 splash screenIf you are new to Windows Seven like most of us, you would want to know cool tips and tricks too. Today we have brought a very cool Easter Egg (Easter Egg is hidden feature generally not publicly revealed) for the Windows Seven and Vista 32 bit operating systems. Usually in order to administer or run different features for the core operating system (Windows Seven) you have to go through several clicks from the Control Panel. This is not a prank, get all the power you need all in one place with this hack!

Best free Alternative to Norton Ghost for imaging your machines

Drive Image XMLMany of you work with Small Business or SOHO environments where you maintain a few machines and workstations. From time to time you need to build machines to your their basic state, or whats called a base image. A very popular program in the corporate environment for creating and restoring workstation to their "base image" or base state is Symantec's Norton Ghost. Today we will introduce you to a Free alternative to Norton Ghost for your disk imaging solutions.