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Articles about VMWare, virtualization and ESX Technology

How to configure FreeNAS 8 as a Virtual Machine

How to configure FreeNAS 8 as a virtual machine on VMWare ServerFreeNAS is a very popular platform for Network Area Storage. The latest release of FreeNAS is FreeNAS version 8, which is quite different from previous releases. There is no direct upgrade path to FreeNAS version 8 from its previous versions, the system requirements also have changed considerably. Before you take the leap to the new version, its a great idea to try installing the new FreeNAS 8 platform in a virtual machine, without risking your current data. In this step by step article we will show you how to install FreeNAS 8 on a virtual machine on a VMWare server. We are just using VMWare server as a Virtual Machine hosting platform, but the configuration steps will be similar for other virtualization platforms such as VirtualBox, Hyper-V etc.

What are the advantages of Virtualization

Advantages if VirtualizationVirtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that lets you create many virtual machines inside of one physical machine which is running on a single operating system. Virtualization technology manages itself with perceived activity and utilization, giving and sharing resources wisely as needed. With particular emphasis on Greener Technologies, reducing the carbon foot print, virtualization has taken the lead in reducing power and space requirements for computers. In this article we will tell you about what are the advantages of virtualization, it might even help you putting a business case or a sales pitch before your supervisor to get going on the virtualization path

Server Virtualization – How Would You Know If It’s Right for You?

Server Virtualization - Is it right for your business ?Author: jaycee

During the recent years, the word “virtualization” has become a household name in the technology niche. More often than not, virtualization is associated with “cost efficiency” and “cloud computing.” simply because it does exactly that.

Virtualization could come in different forms – network virtualization, storage virtualization, and server virtualization. 

How to send Ctrl Alt Del from a VMWare Server 2 console

How to send ctrl Alt Del from a VMWare Server 2 consoleFor some of you who are well versed with VMWare server and virtualization products, this might be a trivial. But since I migrated most of my virtual machines from VMWare server 1 to 2 and one of them were a Windows Server 2008 VM. However, when I opened the console for the Virtual machine, I could not figure out how to send a control alt delete to this machine from the console and since remote desktop was not enabled on this machine, I could not get to it remotely either. Well here is how you do it..

How to install VMWare PCI Compliance Checker tool

How to install VMWare PCI Complaince ToolIn this step by step article we will show you how to install and run VMWare's free PCI Compliance Checker tool, which will greatly help you in your PCI Compliance Audits. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and if your business or workplace uses credit or debit card processing, either by cashiers, online on the web or using self serve kiosks then you must be PCI compliant and stick and adhere to security standards set up by the Payment Card Industry. PCI clompliance requires you maintain a secure network and store data securely. In addition to this, you must conduct regular tests to ensure there are no breaches.