A car that turns into an airplane and can seriously fly

A little off topic today, just some Friday fun, seriously now there is a car that can convert into an airplane and can fly. Literally, you can drive the car to the Airport, convert it into an Airplane automatically, take off, fly, land, convert it back to a car, drive home and park it in your garage. It is called a Terrafugia Transition.
A few days back (on March 5th 2009), a company called Terrafugia, did a first flight of this car from Pittsburgh International Airport and it was a major success. The company has its roots in MIT trained aeronautical engineers and MBAs who were also passionate pilots. The vehicle is a car, which when operating on the road has its wings normally folded, these wings would unfold as the car turns into an Airplane. Currently you do need a flying license in order to operate the car as it is classified as a "Light Sport Aircraft”. There are some amazing images and more information about this craft available at their company website at http://www.terrafugia.com/index.html

Okay buy me one

I will arrange a flying license from UllasNagarAssociation :P. Great posts Anup, cheers. raj

Thanks Buddy, had I not

Thanks Buddy, had I not known this was a KW post, I would have mistaken you for someone else ;-) Glad you liked the site, stay tuned, send your feedback, always appreciated